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For more than 20 years, we have been empowering brands

with innovative software products for more

consistent and efficient marketing communication.

For more than 20 years, we have been empowering brands with innovative software products for more consistent and efficient marketing communication.


Whether as a stand-alone or as part of their marketing platform, our customers use one2edit™ and BRANDGUARDIAN's technology to automate their marketing and brand management processes, optimize collaboration on a local and global level, and thus be more efficient and agile.


High expectations and changing communication behavior pose ever new challenges for brands and thus also for marketers. With our marketing technologies, you always get the right solutions to meet them - and turn them into opportunities for successes. 

A corporate design compliant application of brand elements for analog and digital communication is the Alpha and Omega for establishing a strong brand that stays in the memory, inspires and motivates. However, consistent brand communication needs modern marketing technology to react agile to all market changes and trends, to automate the time-consuming revision and adaptation processes, and at the same time to protect the brand image from inconsistent presentation. In addition, there is very often the problem that the entire marketing team is geographically dispersed, especially in an internationally operating company. The Marketing Technology from BRANDGUARDIAN is a solution to this problem. With our marketing software, one2edit, you create the basis for consistent brand communication, which results in a high recognition value.

To support the global collaboration of remote marketing teams BRANDGUARDIAN has an innovative solution for the automation of marketing and brand management processes. Our marketing software also includes a virtual real-time file system (Collaborative File System - CoFS), which acts as a central repository, a single point of truth for all marketing relevant files and documents, such as texts, images, logos, etc.. When working with our marketing software via the browser, CoFS becomes part of your Windows or macOS file system. This allows users to work as usual, only much more efficiently and better connected. They can share files of any size with their globally distributed colleagues. Thanks to state-of-the-art encryption technology, data storage and transfer meet the highest security requirements. Our marketing technology is based on a service mesh that, thanks to intelligent routing, always finds the fastest route for file transfer. This is how, with the help of innovative marketing technology, smooth collaboration in marketing communication is guaranteed.

With the help of brand management software, marketers manage digital assets, provide brand design guidelines, brand-relevant content, and marketing templates to regional and local teams. Does it guarantee brand-compliant adaptations of marketing templates? Or does it often lead to the inevitable mistakes? To guarantee the correct application of brand design guidelines, we have developed a marketing software that can be easily integrated into any brand management solution, e.x. brand portal or dealer portal, via programming interfaces. one2edit only allows brand-compliant design options which you can easily define individually for each user or user group. In this way, you enable all employees to make secure brand-compliant adjustments to marketing templates which can be used for digital or analog channels. No programming or InDesign knowledge are required. With such self-services, you ensure high quality of brand communication. The result: increased brand consistency across all communication channels.

It is impossible to imagine marketing communication without efficient management. Adjustments and approvals by marketing and specialist departments are an essential part of this. If such processes are not automated, it becomes not only expensive but also very time-consuming. Thousands of emails sent back and forth, comments and corrections in PDF documents impair and slow down the work of a marketer or brand manager. one2edit as an innovative marketing software has a flexible workflow engine that allows any marketing process to be implemented via drag&drop and quickly adjusted if necessary. With the help of one2edit, you can easily manage and adjust tasks and responsibilities, efficiently control the localization of communication materials and get a professional project overview where you can track every step at any time. On top of this, you can edit and approve native InDesign documents online, share them with your team without any installations.