Brand Management Software for Consistent Brand Communication


For more than 20 years, we have been empowering brands

with innovative software products for more

consistent and efficient marketing communication.

For more than 20 years, we have been empowering brands with innovative software products for more consistent and efficient marketing communication.


Whether as a stand-alone or as part of their marketing platform, our customers use one2edit™ and BRANDGUARDIAN's technology to automate their marketing and brand management processes, optimize collaboration on a local and global level, and thus be more efficient and agile.


High expectations and changing communication behavior pose ever new challenges for brands and thus also for marketers. With our marketing technologies, you always get the right solutions to meet them - and turn them into opportunities for successes. 

A corporate design compliant application of brand elements for analog and digital communication is the Alpha and Omega for establishing a strong brand that stays in the memory, inspires and motivates. However, consistent brand communication needs modern brand management tools to react quickly to all market changes and trends, to automate the time-consuming approval and adaptation processes, and at the same time to protect the brand image from inconsistent presentation. With its brand management software, one2edit™, BRANDGUARDIAN offers a modern solution for consistent brand communication and efficient team collaboration.

To support the global collaboration of distributed marketing teams and agencies BRANDGUARDIAN has developed an innovative solution. Our Brand Management Software including our Web-to-Print solution includes a virtual real-time file system (Collaborative File System - CoFS), which acts as a central repository and thus as a single point of truth for all marketing relevant files and documents, such as texts, images, logos etc. When you work with our brand management software and web-to-print solution, CoFS becomes part of your Windows or macOS file system. All users can access all files according to the granted access rights, just like on shared hard disk on the network. They will immediately see all content changes in the design templates and thus always stay up to date. The marketing team work as usual, only much more efficiently and better connected, and can share files of any size with their globally distributed colleagues. Thanks to Service Mesh technology, file transfer always takes place over the fastest routing. Strong AES 256-bit encryption ensures maximum security.


Usually, the central marketing department manages digital assets, provides brand design guidelines and brand-relevant content to regional and local teams. Does it guarantee brand-compliant localization and production? Or does it often result in the inevitable errors or huge workloads for all involved? To guarantee the correct application of brand guidelines, BRANDGUARDIAN offers brand management software. With the solution it is possible to edit and approve native InDesign documents online as brand design templates. The regional and local marketing teams get only the brand-compliant customization capabilities and can now produce on-brand communication materials and content for digital and analog channels in various formats without InDesign or deep brand knowledge. The brand management software can be seamlessly integrated into any brand portal, dealer portal or corporate portal. It is also possible to use it as a web-to-print solution. Such self-services can ensure a high level of consistency in brand communication, strengthening an overall brand presence.

If editing and approval processes in marketing and brand management are not automated, it becomes not only very time-consuming, but also confusing and, above all, costly. Thousands of emails sent back and forth, comments and corrections in PDF documents affect and slow down the work of the entire marketing team. Our web-to-print solution has a flexible workflow engine that makes it possible to automate and customize any process at any time and stage of a project with just drag-and-drop function. The workflow engine makes it a breeze to manage tasks and responsibilities and trigger the desired actions. In this way, the automation workflows help to efficiently manage the localization of communication materials and keep track of all projects across distributed marketing teams.