Edit InDesign documents online

Edit and translate InDesign documents online 

one2edit™ enables marketing professionals, creatives, and prepress service providers to proofread, edit, translate, and finalize professionally designed documents created in Adobe InDesign quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively online - with full control over content and corporate design.

one2edit™ convinces with an intuitive, web-based HTML user interface and enables marketing and technical experts, creatives and service providers to correct, edit, translate and release professionally designed InDesign files online quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively - without any InDesign knowledge while retaining full control of content and corporate design. Translators can use the one2edit™ visual user interface in conjunction with standard tools such as Trados® and Across®, creating a highly efficient, end-to-end translation workflow.



one2edit™ offers a comprehensive and powerful programming interface as well as a JavaScript Client API for interactions with programs on workplace computers or deep integrations. Standard Single-Sign-On (SSO) processes are available to support the integration of portal solutions like brand management portals, marketing platforms or intranet channels.

Other marketing use cases with one2edit™


one2edit™ is based on the industry-standard Adobe InDesign® server technology and also known as a modern web-to-print software. Unlike many similar products, it does not convert InDesign documents into another format during the editing process. The advantage of this method is a real WYSIWYG editing (what-you-see-is-what-you-get).

On top of this, almost all InDesign features can be used and retained including anchored objects, inline graphics, concatenated text frames across multiple pages, etc.


Using the integrated one2edit™ workflow engine, any editing, reconciliation and release processes can be created quickly and easily via drag & drop functionality. The number of steps and process participants is not limited. Workflows do not need to be written in complicated Business Process Modeling Notations (BPMN); nor do they require programming skills or training. Our workflow engine is based on real life and allows a process to be set up and adapted as quickly as required.


one2edit™ offers a role-specific user interface that only features the relevant functions for each specific user. This gives everyone a simple and fast introduction to one2edit™, while increasing acceptance levels and raising the degree of use – which eliminates the need for training in the majority of cases. 

You can set up one2edit™ very easily to reflect multiple internal and external organizational structures. As a project manager, you can also manage the specific content each user is able to access and edit. You can define every individual user’s role within each workflow and decide which tools and formatting options for editing documents are available. These detailed options and settings for rights and roles provide a secure and efficient way of working, even for less-experienced users.


If you want to edit InDesign documents online maintaining control over your corporate design and ensure brand consistency, it's no problem with our online editor. The one2edit™ Brand Design ruleset can be set up with just a few clicks. This allows you to generate InDesign templates where you can determine, for example, which formatting options are available to a user. A user can then choose from a collection of templates and formatting options within the templates, depending on the permissions.

You can design very simple self-services where users can copy-fit a document using sliders for font size and tracking within minimum and maximum values. This ensures that the user is not overwhelmed. If the user needs more options for formatting an InDesign template, then you can define and make these available using appropriate rules. one2edit™ masters all InDesign formatting options for texts and images.


Since the InDesign and image data remain on the server and only the part of the document that is currently required is displayed, even very extensive projects can be processed efficiently over the Internet with one2edit™.

Even InDesign documents of hundreds of pages with high-resolution images can be opened and edited quickly with one2edit™ without losing details. With up to 1000% magnification, you always have full control over microtypography and graphic subtleties.


All changes to a document are logged by one2edit™. They can be easily tracked via the document history and reversed if necessary. In the history you can quickly find the object you are looking for thanks to the extensive filter options and the integrated full text search. The history can be exported so that archiving or processing is also possible outside of one2edit™.


The name says it all. With one2edit™, InDesign documents can be made available quickly and easily for decentralized collaboration. Thanks to InDesign server technology, all InDesign features used (e.g. anchored objects, inline graphics, concatenated text frames across multiple pages, etc.) are retained in the document. With the Project Assistant, you can even configure and set up multiple InDesign documents simultaneously in just a few minutes.

Once defined, you can save workflows and editing rules as templates and simply drag and drop them onto new documents. No programming, no tagging in InDesign, no fiddling - simply and quickly edit InDesign documents online in the browser.


With one2edit™ you have a central font management for the InDesign server: all one2edit™ users use the same fonts and no fonts have to be installed on the user computer for editing InDesign documents via the browser. 

The central administration of fonts ensures legal conformity, a uniform typeface in the brand design (typography) and, on top of that, usually saves on licensing costs.


Another special feature of one2edit™ is the efficient translation process directly in the web-browser. Various translation tools are available to you for this purpose. Either use the services of Microsoft, Google or Deepl or turn to solutions such as SDL Trados®, MemoQ or Across® to perform automatic pre-translations of InDesign documents. Segmentation rules let you either segment content manually or use preconfigured standards for known systems.

Thanks to the stand-alone WYSIWYG preview, translators always work with context and can immediately see whether the translated text fits into the InDesign layout. If things get tight, the texts can always be adjusted by font size, tracking or line spacing right in the browser.


When it comes to managing and editing projects, user groups, brands or customers separate from each other, you can rely on the security of one2edit. Via dedicated client workspaces, one2edit™ ensures that users can only access documents and assets intended for them, allowing multiple clients to be set up on a single system.

Nevertheless, it is possible to give selected users access to multiple clients/workspaces. This allows agencies working for multiple clients, for example, to achieve maximum security and practicability at the same time.


Automated format-adaptations of InDesign-Templates

Dynamic Layout Engine (DLE) is an expansion module for one2edit™ that you can use to create multiple additional brand-compliant formats in just a few seconds. You define a number of rules including absolute, relative, maximal and minimal spacings between elements for how they should behave when the format is adapted.

DLE can be used to create print documents as well as image files in PNG or JPEG format in whatever size you choose. Thus it is possible to produce a web banner or image for social media based on templates at rapid speed – without the need for any external support.


Connect Excel & MySQL with InDesign documents for more automation

The one2edit™ expansion module DataSources makes it possible to link one or more data sources (e.g. Excel, MySQL) to InDesign documents in one2edit™ and import data into any segment of a text or table cell. This makes it possible to quickly update price lists, catalogs, annual reports or  marketing collateral without tedious and error-prone copy and paste.

Why to use Adobe InDesign in combination with one2edit™ 

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard when it comes to creating and designing product brochures, posters, flyers and other marketing materials. As a layout and design tool for desktop publishing (DTP), InDesign has enormous strengths and offers almost unlimited design possibilities. However, to work with this professional tool, you need not only an appropriate license, but also intensive training and a lot of practice. In addition, processes such as translations, proofreading, local adaptations and approvals cannot be mapped there without further tools, because InDesign does not offer any workflows to the process controls. Even small text corrections in InDesign documents require the software to be installed on the workstation.

In order to offer everyone the opportunity to work with the professional tool without having to install it and deal with all the details of the range of functions, we have developed an innovative, browser-based solution that always offers the user only those functions that make sense to him. This makes it possible for even InDesign non-professionals to work on Indesign documents.

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