Marketing communication in insurance

Highly personalized insurance and consulting documents quickly and on brand

Today's customers expect a personalized approach along the customer journey. They need tailored offers that fit their life and financial situation. This applies to insurance policies for business customers, premium insurance policies and, of course, policies for private customers. Modern online portals provide advisors and brokers with a central repository for documents and media, but customization (personalization) of materials is usually not possible or requires particular knowledge and the use of special programs.

one2edit™ helps to overcome all these hurdles. Our publishing and media management software that has been established for years provides self-services and personalization of variety of marketing materials online - always in line with the brand rules. Our software works browser-based and, thanks to adjustable functionality and friendly user interface, can be used by any authorized user worldwide with minimal training. How this works in practice for you and your insurance partner is explained in our e-book.

In this e-book you will read how:
  • Your sales partners and employees can independently adapt marketing materials, always in line with the brand and without additional effort,
  • You can automate your own processes for creating and distributing marketing content,
  • You ensure that your brand guidelines are always followed,
  • You can generate a personalized brand experience along the customer journey for your customers
  • and much more.

29% of all consumers and 41% of 18- to 29-year-olds would like to have customized insurance offers –or they would at least like to have the impression of an individualized offer that fits them.


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