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Less production stress and more language versions!

The WAGNER marketing team has been using one2edit since 2012. The central solution supports global production and localization of product catalogs. To the Case Study

Magento2 und one2edit Integration für effiziente Bestellung von personalisierten Marketing-, Werbe- und Printartikeln

Powerful integration for your smart Webshop: Magento and one2edit

Adapt, personalise, produce, order and invoice brand-compliant communication and advertising materials in a lean workflow. Benefit from two powerful systems. more

BRANDGUARDIAN wins eCentral as new implementation partner.

Specialist for brand and marketing portals chooses one2edit™ as the basis for state-of-the-art solutions for more efficient processes in marketing. mehr

In-house agency

BRANDGUARDIAN makes in-house agencies more efficient 

BRANDGUARDIAN helps in-house agencies to increase their key targets such as cost and work efficiency by up to 60 percent and to cover other task areas internally. more

Markering Managers

Brands and Digital Media in the 21st Century

BRANDGUARDIAN asked professors und book's authors to answer 3 questions about decentralized marketing, analog and digital brand experience, and agile branding. more

european digital week 2020

GAIA-X: a secure digital Infrastructure for Europe

Last week, at the European Digital Week (EDW) 2020, renowned experts from politics, business and science discussed ways to get out of the digital dependency on Google, Amazon, etc. BRANDGUARDIAN also took an active part in the discussion. more

web-to-print integrated in McDonald's Franchise portal

Showcase Project McDonald's: Efficient Platforms for Distributed Marketing

Markus Kuhnert, a founder & CEO of BRANDGUARDIAN, and Jens-Christian Jensen, Chief Strategic Officer of Digitas Pixelpark, are talking about ways to make brand communication easier, cheaper and faster to implement. more

McDonalds Logo

McDonalds's relies on BRANDGUARDIAN and Digitas Pixelpark

We have successfully gained McDonald’s Germany as a new customer for one2edit and implemented a portal solution with our partner Digitas Pixelpark. more

Markus Kuhnert Foto

Layout-intensive Content. Global Marketing smarter, faster, cheaper.

Günther Misof, The Business of Brand Management, spoke with Markus Kuhnert, founder, CEO and passionate Chief Nerd of BRANDGUARDIAN. Result: Interesting background information and solutions to automate global brand communication smart. more

The Linde Group Logo

Automated localization of Annual & Quarterly Reports with one2edit™

The Linde Group uses one2edit™ to streamline the production of annual and quarterly reports. It has already achieved significant savings in internal and external expenses, reduced stress for all participants involved and increased transparency and flexibility. Case Study

Logo blösch&partner

bloesch.partner is a new implementation partner of BRANDGUARDIAN

Established B2B communications agency will from now on increasingly use one2edit as publishing and media management solution. more

Logo pixelpark

Publicis Pixelpark and BRANDGUARDIAN seal Partnership

Large advertising and digital agency uses BRANDGUARDIAN's technology and solutions to create efficient, next-generation, digital-collaboration platforms for its customers. more

White globe

BRANDGUARDIAN extends one2edit with DeepL Integration

With the integration of AI-supported translation solution DeepL, one2edit users can now localize marketing & technical documents faster and more cost-effectively. more

Press release

BRANDGUARDIAN and ADOBE celebrate 20 years of InDesign

On 31st August 1999, Adobe released InDesign 1.0, and it’s been changing the publishing world ever since. Over the past 20 years, 1io and now BRANDGUARDIAN has repeatedly been a pioneer in the fields of publishing and media management, setting milestones in the collaborative use of InDesign. more

Press release

BRANDGUARDIAN Partner offers the largest study on the DAM-market and top DAM-providers

Unique market study with 750 business and IT decision-makers in medium-to-large enterprises is available free of charge. more

Press release

BRANDGUARDIAN wins DAM United as strategic service partner

The established service provider for multimedia solutions in the enterprise sector becomes the preferred sales and service partner for BRANDGUARDIAN's Media Collaboration Technology (MCT) in the DAM sector. more

BRANDGUARDIAN Logo black background


On 1st August 2019, we gave ourselves a new brand identitiy: BRANDGUARDIAN®. This new brand emphasizes our vision, expertise, and passion for cutting-edge technology that helps you to achieve even greater efficiency and consistency in your day-to-day branding work. more

Adobe Summit one2edit™ and AEM Integration

Seamless integration of one2edit™ and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a strong solution for brand management, packaging, and corporate communication

Although this integration solution was officially presented at the recent Adobe Summit in London, well-known brands, such as Siemens and Microsoft have been using and benefiting from this integration for a couple of years already. more