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If you roll out your brand in multiple markets, communications material is usually created by employees with expertise in the specific local market – because they know the market best.

But sometimes you might not achieve the smooth collaboration needed to roll out a strong and consistent brand. The more people are involved, the higher the risk that your brand guidelines will get lost somewhere between corporate control and local autonomy.

Processes involving central and local market management teams often take up a lot of time. Waiting for approval can add to time pressure, which leads to delays, typos and other errors – or even to some individual markets deciding to go their own way.

This lack of a proper overview frequently leads to expensive gaps in knowledge management – like when completely new material is developed even though comparable material that could be adapted for new markets already exists. Errors like this create unnecessary costs and generate bad feeling among employees and service providers.


How can you gain the best possible overview of your distributed marketing activities, while also enabling efficient communication and brand consistency?


Employees sometimes need to exercise a little bit of freedom when adapting communications material to fit a specific region or market. Decide how much freedom is possible without damaging brand consistency – and then use infrastructure that support smooth interactions between internal and external users.

The BRANDGUARDIAN® products one2edit™ and CoFS are specially designed to make global collaboration more efficient. They’re the perfect tools to give you a clear overview and ensure a consistent brand presence.

With CoFS, everybody has access to the files they need and can take advantage of a smooth exchange of data in real time. one2edit™ makes it possible to adapt communications material for specific markets. It protects your brand consistency because it only offers users design possibilities that meet your guidelines – ensuring brand consistency worldwide, even when changes are made at the last minute.

CoFS ensures that everyone has an access to the files they need and smooth exchange of data in a real time.


The single point of truth for your brand: CoFS is a virtual file system that empowers you to manage your brand more efficiently and more consistently. More about CoFS.


More about CoFS.

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Always on brand: one2edit™ gives you a consistent brand presence by simplifying decentralized and international collaboration.

More about one2edit™.






Distributed Marketing and Global Marketing: An act of balance!

If a company consists of different, almost independent business units united under one brand, there is usually a central management and many independent, regional partners who serve their local target groups and markets with their own means of communication. The central marketing department plays a trend-setting and coordinating role in distributed marketing: it defines principles such as corporate identity and brand identity, provides the corporate guidelines and creates the marketing templates that are available to the local partners. Implementation and execution take place on a decentralized level at the individual regional partners. 

With Distributed Marketing the regional partners can individually adapt the specifications of the head office and then forward them directly to the consumer in their market. Distributed marketing combines the interests of the company headquarters with those of local sales units. Thus, participating agencies, subsidiaries, franchise partners or other sales partners can contribute to the success of the centrally specified marketing campaigns with their own ideas and goals, while strictly adhering to the company's general communication standards and brand profile. Brand management is combined with local retail marketing in an efficient, fast and cost-effective manner, which is of great benefit to both the brand and the respective regional partners. 

Often the various retail partners are not only organizationally but also geographically far apart. This means that global marketing plays an important role in addition to distributed marketing. 

Although international brands usually already meet the requirements of the different international markets by definition and can therefore use a uniform marketing approach, it is important to recognize and understand the regional differences. It is important to take into account local customs and values, and different languages and currencies must be adapted to local markets in order to be successful with the brand there as well.

Increase efficiency of your distributed marketing processes with brand templates!

The respective marketing campaigns must be implemented at all different levels of distributed marketing: Always customized to the respective target groups and sales channels and yet always in compliance with the specifications of the central marketing department. A real balancing act.

The BRANDGUARDIAN® products one2edit™ and CoFS were specially developed to make global cooperation more efficient. Simplify the work of all parties involved and bring your distributed marketing into balance: regional partners have sufficient freedom for individual adjustments to meet the respective market requirements. The central marketing department always has full control over quality. The advantages are obvious: more efficient workflows thanks to standardization and automation, sensible use of resources and the security of future-proof, digital marketing processes.

For your distributed marketing, all brand templates are centrally available to all authorized users via the Internet. A previously defined set of rules determines which content may be edited or exchanged by users. Because they can only make brand-compliant adjustments, users do not need to read guidelines or style guides before making any customizations. This means time savings and brand consistency.

Global brand success thanks to efficient distributed marketing

With flexibly defined user roles and access rights for content editing, automatic (pre-)translations, revision and approval marketing processes, you get a state-of-the-art solution for efficient collaboration in distributed marketing. All participants can easily create and adapt communication materials compliant with brand design guidelines.     

Your advantages at a glance: 

● Increased efficiency and productivity

● Shorter time-to-market

● Efficient workflows thanks to process digitization                    

● Future sustainability through high flexibility

● Consistency in the market through more agility

BRANDGUARDIAN's solutions help you to achieve maximum brand consistency and process efficiency in distributed marketing. Bring your distributed marketing to a new level with products from BRANDGUARDIAN.