Volatile Environment: Hyperagility


We live in times of rapid change: Both brands and technologies are constantly transforming at high speed. The constant stream of new trends and touchpoints affects your brands. Every moment of customer contact can have a decisive impact on your success. 

If you sit back and relax, you’ll quickly get left behind. You must keep moving all the time if you’re going to win the battle for your customers’ attention. Agility and short response times – like real-time marketing – are a must-have. However, wild and unfocused activity can water-down your brands or set the wrong tone.

Many of the brand management technologies available on the market were developed for less volatile market conditions than we’re experiencing today: They’re slow, inflexible and out of touch. Without the right workflows and resources, you can lose precious time – and miss the chance to (re)act dynamically, spontaneously, appropriately and on-brand.



How can you make dynamic, long-term decisions about managing your brand in a constantly changing environment?


Take advantage of a completely new kind of technology: BRANDGUARDIAN® offers an open and expandable infrastructure to support you in managing your brand.

Do you want more agility, efficiency and consistency in your brand communications? Then look beyond typical monolithic applications and choose multiple services that communicate seamlessly with one another, allowing to access range of functions specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Our products - one2edit™ and CoFS - are proven to simplify and automate your workflows and processes, setting the right design limits to protect your brand consistency. Expand the BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology with new functionality and services using our Software Development Kit (SDK). These optimized processes empower you to react faster and be more agile than ever before.

Innovative multi-channel campaigns? Spontaneous, long-term reactions to current trends or events? Whatever happens, BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology is your modern and future-ready companion through all challenges.


The single point of truth for your brand: CoFS is a virtual file system that empowers you to manage your brand more efficiently and more consistently.

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Always on brand: one2edit™ gives you a consistent brand presence by simplifying decentralized and international collaboration.

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