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Our products now take advantage of a pioneering new technology: BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology. MCT gives you the power to connect multiple services with each other – including our products. This enables you to develop brand management infrastructure that is specially adapted for your unique needs.

one2edit™ – Always on brand

Strong brands rely on consistent communication across all touchpoints. one2edit™ makes decentralized and international collaboration easier than ever – and supports you in ensuring brand consistency.

– Smart Workflows, fast rollouts
– More content, more channels, more campaigns – and fewer error
– 100 % InDesign – nothing gets lost during conversion

CoFS – The single point of truth for your brand

CoFS is a service based on the innovative BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology. It provides a central platform for all brand-relevant files and data.

– Instant availability through real-time file systems
– Intuitive usability – seamless integration into your operating system
– Smart functions for fast and secure working

Service Mesh black

BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology

An innovative network: Everything connected, available at all times and always up-to-date.

One technology, 1,000 possibilities
BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology is a digital infrastructure that is radically transforming the way brands are brought to life. It was specifically developed to solve the challenges of decentralized and international brand management.

For efficient and secure brand management
The MCT Media Collaboration Technology makes a range of services available to local computers and internet servers. It manages all of these services and ensures reliable and fully optimized performance. It always takes the fastest route, with 100% data security and privacy.

An all-in-one solution – instead of a patchwork system
Our open and customizable infrastructure provides a future-ready foundation for your brand management activities. You can integrate services from BRANDGUARDIAN® into the MCT Media Collaboration Technology, as well as services from third-party providers (using Software Development Kits). Simply create the right combination for your unique needs – because BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT is incredibly flexible and can be expanded in almost limitless ways.