Wagner Case

100 % flexibility, 16 languages, more efficient process and stress free production!


The starting point: J. Wagner GmbH is a typical hidden champion, an international leader in its segment (coating technology) and active on 3 continents with production sites, sales companies and a broad distributor network. 

WAGNER offers a wide range of products for industry, craftsmen and “do-it-yourselfers”, which are typically advertised via print products such as catalogs in many languages. When localizing in Adobe InDesign, in cooperation with partners and translators, the workflow always included considerable manual effort to resolve media breaks and countless correction loops. This added much stress and overtime for central marketing before the defined production deadline. In 2012, it became clear that a more effective solution for localization was needed. 

The task: To create a centralized solution for multilingual design and production of brand-compliant marketing materials such as catalogs, product brochures, flyers, etc.

The challenge: To deploy a localization solution that can be used intuitively, even by untrained, occasional employees in the subsidiaries or at the distributors - that enables a much more efficient and flexible form of localization. 


Wagner Produktkatalog

The solution: In 2012, one2edit™ was introduced as a central solution for the localization of marketing materials. Initially this was together with an external partner and for only one business division. Since 2018 it has been fully used by WAGNER and expanded to other divisions.  

The implementation: With one2edit™, a 3-person WAGNER marketing team creates extensive, printed product catalogs and other brand-compliant materials in up to 16 languages. The entire localization process is managed in the convenient one2edit™ editor, via web browser. The distributors, or retailers in charge, translate in the production-ready layout of the brochure, ensuring 100 % brand-compliance. Printing can be locally ordered by the country managers onsite, so they can react more flexibly to requirements in their market. At the same time there is no more deadline stress for central marketing. 

The result: More languages are managed with greater variety in the product range presentation, significantly less time is required for reconciling and approving localized versions, resulting in higher quality. one2edit™ enjoys a high level of acceptance throughout the organization. Due to its intuitive use, there are hardly any queries or ambiguities. The WAGNER marketing team is also very pleased with the customer support provided by BRANDGUARDIAN, which is always fast and competent. In the future, connections to the PIM and DAM are planned, facilitating more automation with one2edit™ in the marketing and publishing processes.


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The success:

  • faster approval and release of localized versions
  • stress-free work for all participants
  • up to 16 languages simultaneously with less effort
  • 100 % brand-compliant product catalogs and brochures