About us: making brands stronger


Our mission

Making strong brands even stronger

We give you the technology you need to manage your brand more easily, efficiently and consistently. Our products are based on innovative software technology and empower you to take your brand to the next level – and beyond.

BRANDGUARDIAN provides a flexible and future-ready foundation for you to use our software reliably, quickly and cost-effectively. The result: You optimize, protect and strengthen your brand – around the world and around the clock.

Strong brands rely on BRANDGUARDIAN

Our products

Game-changing innovations

A revolutionary software technology that’s based on future-ready digital infrastructure. The BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology is an open and expandable network architecture. We developed it to support the optimal performance of our products one2edit™ and CoFS – and we can customize it for each of our customers’ specific needs. It is flexible enough to react to new requirements and paves the way for efficient interaction between internal and external users worldwide. Looking for a solution that combines high performance and security for brand management, integrated marketing communications and media production? You’ve found it.

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Our people

Working for your brands

A team of experienced and passionate experts who create products that make your global brand management easier, better and smarter. We use our hearts and minds – as well as innovative technologies – to support you in protecting your brand and managing it more consistently.

Your benefits

Stronger and more successful

We develop innovative and highly efficient products that make your life easier. We never compromise on quality – that’s something we’ve got in common with you. We find the best possible solutions that make your brand stronger than ever.

Strong brands that rely on BRANDGUARDIAN