You’ve got a huge selection of tools and applications to support your brand management. But choice, while nice, can make processes more difficult.

It leads to silos of data, competence and content which are difficult to connect with one another. The resulting challenges are ones that even the most ambitious IT department will struggle to overcome.

This can also cause further problems if your service providers use different systems. When relying on several providers, misunderstandings can quickly arise – and escalate. Or you might find yourself becoming reliant on a single provider if you start working with its systems instead of your own.


How can you eliminate data silos and create an infrastructure that connects all of your tools, while also reacting to new requirements quickly and flexibly?


Choose an innovative technology that offers expandable and open infrastructure. Unlike monolithic applications, BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology is a collection of micro services and related service management capabilities / technologies (inter-service communications, routing, monitoring, distribution, etc.) for media production, including a real-time virtual file system (rtvfs) solution for multi-cloud environments: CoFS.

Designed for a pop-up infrastructure, MCT enables fast and easy scaling of existing structures and systems.

Based on our future-ready network infrastructure, we simplify all of your communications and production processes related to brands and marketing. Our products one2edit™ and CoFS make optimizing and automating your branding activities easier, faster, more reliable and more secure than ever. Goodbye copy-and-paste, farewell data and system chaos!

The solution that grows with you: Develop your own services at any time with our Software Development Kit (SDK). Micro-services architecture allows you to meet additional requirements without any changes or downtime of the existing infrastructure. You can even connect and integrate with other systems or infrastructure as cloud services (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.).

The BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology offers maximum compatibility and flexibility when defining processes – all while helping to eliminate information silos and ensuring a smooth connection between all of your brand and marketing activities.


The single point of truth for your brand: CoFS is a virtual file system that empowers you to manage your brand more efficiently and more consistently.

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Always on brand: one2edit™ gives you a consistent brand presence by simplifying decentralized and international collaboration.

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