Linde: case study

100 countries, more than 8,000 satisfied users, 100 % on-brand output: Self-service with one2edit™ and the Linde Brand Management Portal


The starting point: The Linde Group, which comprises Linde Gas and Linde Engineering, is one of the world’s leading gas and engineering companies. The German technology company’s core business is gases and processing equipment for capturing or producing gases.

After acquiring BOC Group in 2006, Linde began a brand relaunch as the global leader in industrial gases. It quickly became clear that it couldn’t achieve a consistent and efficient brand implementation simply by sending a new style guide to its teams across more than 100 countries and over 1,000 entities.

The task: To develop and deliver a central platform for creating communications material in line with Linde’s brand design guidelines.


The solution: We worked together with the Peter Schmidt Group (previously the Brand Implementation Group) to create the Linde Brand Management Portal. This innovative platform offers a full range of functions for creating communications material through one2edit™ and the digital asset management system Celum – ensuring a globally consistent identity for all brands.

The implementation: With one2edit™, around 8,000 users of this platform can now create communications material in line with Linde’s brand design guidelines without the need for special knowledge of IT or design. The in-browser platform is easy to use and offers a self-service approach based on Adobe InDesign templates. By making it possible to adapt existing material quickly and easily, it enables users to reuse content more often and create an increased amount of material that has been customized to fit a specific region or market – with a minimum of effort.

The Content Management System (CMS) combines a range of functions including applications that the Peter Schmidt Group developed specifically for Linde – all within a single user interface. Its implementation within the Linde Group offers its teams a consistent user experience and straightforward usability.


The success:

  • Rollout in 100 countries
  • Over 8,000 satisfied users
  • 100 % on-brand output
  • Cost savings self-service
  • Faster processes for creating and adapting communications material
  • Simplified and accelerated approval processes
  • More transparency, more choice and less duplicated work


Peter Schmidt Group, Frankfurt