Marketing automation: use cases / BRANDGUARDIAN


"If you ask CMOs about their most important goals, it's not about digitization or breaking down the silos, but rather more about effectiveness, output and speed in marketing communication. They need to automate processes, achieve a shorter time-to-market and make collaboration more agile, both internally and globally, with their service providers, dealers, etc." (International market analyst)

From product packaging, product manuals, technical documentation, digital and analog advertisements, product brochures and flyers to trade show communication, POS communication and annual reports, all communication materials require collaboration processes, not only during production but, more importantly, during localization and adaptation. These processes can become quite complex and have a negative impact on marketing budget and time-to-market. Whether as a stand-alone solution or as a part of a marketing platform, our customers use one2edit™ and BRANDGUARDIAN's technologies to automate their marketing and brand management processes, optimize collaboration of multiple teams and to become more efficient and agile.

Here are some use cases from a variety of business sectors, based on real case studies of our customers.