Decentralized Marketing


International, decentralized companies face major challenges when it comes to ensuring brand consistency across all of their communications activities. To keep up with your competitors and achieve success, marketing material for regional markets needs to reflect the unique local requirements – while also reflecting your overall brand identity. one2edit™ gives your decentralized marketing team the perfect balance between creative freedom and precise quality control.


The balance between global brand consistency and localized marketing material often seems like an either/or decision. Brand managers can either take a laissez faire approach that occasionally sacrifices consistency in favor of strongly localized marketing material. Or they adopt an inflexible strategy that places a strict focus on compliance with brand guidelines – avoiding market-specific adaptations because of the associated effort.

To address this challenge, marketing templates and relevant content have to be made available to all marketeers when they need it. Achieving this across regions and time zones is not easy. And collaboration between the marketing teams at the company’s headquarters and their colleagues worldwide doesn’t always run smoothly – especially when it comes to approval processes, workflows or documenting different versions of files. This can have a negative impact on consistency or lead to material that is not adapted to meet the specific local market conditions.

Guidelines are often not enough to ensure compliance with the design expectations for your brand. Marketing colleagues or external providers sometimes find these documents too complex or lack the required expertise to implement the requirements accurately. When local teams or users with limited knowledge try to use InDesign templates, the results can be far from perfect. It’s often necessary to run through several rounds of correction and approval to ensure the right level of quality. This is time-consuming, increases costs and can create stress for the team – which can cause them to avoid adapting material for their local market, despite the obvious benefits.


one2edit™ makes life easier for your team and helps you find the right balance for your decentralized marketing. It gives regional teams have the creative freedom they need to adapt content, while the team at headquarters has full control over quality.

All marketing templates are made available in one central internet platform. A pre-defined set of rules determines which content users are able to adapt or change. And users don’t have to read complex style guides before adapting material for local needs because they’re only able to make changes that are in line with the brand guidelines.

It’s flexible too: one2edit™ offers the full range of InDesign functions – the only restrictions are the ones you decide to impose to protect your brand consistency. Multiple workflows can be defined to manage user roles and access rights, automatic pre-translation, manual translation steps, content changes, approval and correction. Everything works online through your browser, without special programs or local installations of your brand-specific text formats.

This makes your localization processes significantly more efficient and less stressful. It makes everybody’s life easier – and your brand stronger. So werden Ihre Lokalisierungsprozesse erheblich effizienter und deutlich stressfreier. Alle Beteiligten werden entlastet – und Ihre Marke gestärkt.


The one2edit™ text rules give you the power to automatically check and correct the spelling and typographical formatting of product names and descriptions, (chemical) formulas, prices and many other types of content that are often time-consuming to implement and check manually. 

The rules make sure the registered trademark symbol is automatically added to your product names when users enter them into one2edit™ or when product names are entered into one2edit™ via an external data source. Special spellings (upper- and lower-case letters) and formatting (bold, underlined, italics, spacing between letters etc.) can be applied automatically, removing the need for quality control processes. 

Formatting possibilities cover the full range of Adobe InDesign® options, so you don’t have to compromise and have the power to implement even the smallest typographical details.

The one2edit™ text rules can be applied automatically or presented to the user as a suggestion. Whenever multiple options are presented at the same time, users simply select their preference from a list. And alongside saving you time, the one2edit™ text rules also help you improve consistency and strengthen the quality of your communications content.

The one2edit™ brand design framework can be set up with just a few clicks. You can generate templates that reflect your choices about which formatting options to make available for your users. Each user can then choose from your library of templates based on their access rights. It’s also easy to create self-service functions for actions like setting the font size or character spacing – using slider controls that are configured in line with your preferences for the minimum and maximum values. 

You can also make additional design options available for any users who need them. one2edit™ features all of the InDesign formatting options for text and images. You decide what makes sense and what’s allowed. You can set company-wide standards and define any exceptions with fully-individualized design rules whenever necessary.

Once you’ve saved your brand design rules, you can reuse them and assign them to projects easily using the drag and drop function. Any changes to saved rules will automatically be applied to any templates that use this rule. Design rules can be applied to an entire document or to individual elements of a document. This granular management of rules opens up the maximum amount of flexibility and ensures compliance with your corporate design guidelines – with a minimum amount of effort.

Design templates within one2edit™ give users the freedom to adapt documents to meet their preferences – while always staying within the design guidelines. These guidelines operate in the background to ensure users don’t get overwhelmed by endless possibilities and prevent them from formatting documents in ways that are not aligned with your brand identity

You can create self-service functions for adapting communications material like posters, flyers, invitations or business cards quickly and easily. Your company’s employees can adapt materials to meet their specific needs – within the limits of your pre-defined brand design rules. They can then download their design as a production-ready PDF. Of course, you can also define other workflows that send documents to be printed or that require users to begin an approval process.

The one2edit™ design templates make it easier and faster than ever to adapt documents for different requirements – with no need for InDesign skills or external service providers. And they also make sure that everything is created in line with your brand design guidelines, without creating stress for your employees.

Dynamic Layout Engine (DLE) is an expansion module for one2edit™ that can automatically make format changes to documents by following pre-defined guidelines. Based on a master document that has been set up to follow specific rules whenever the height or width of the format are changed, you can use DLE to create multiple additional formats in just a few seconds.

The comprehensive guidelines within DLE make it possible to connect design elements like text frames and image frames. On top of this, you can define absolute, relative, maximal and minimal spacings between elementsor set the document dimensions, while also limiting the minimum and maximum values that apply when making elements or fonts bigger or smaller. You can also define a huge range of further rules for how documents should behave when the format is adapted. 

The Dynamic Layout Engine (DLE) automatically generates a document that has been adapted to meet the specific output format – and that is fully aligned with brand guidelines. Different formats of the same design can be created at the touch of a button within the user interface for one2edit™ or through a web service API as part of a batch process. Your corporate design guidelines for spacing, logo size and position, typography and more are implemented automatically.

DLE can be used to create print documents as well as image files in PNG or JPEG format in whatever size you choose. This makes it possible to produce a web banner or image for social media based on templates at rapid speed – without the need for any external support.

one2edit™ is based on the industry-standard Adobe InDesign® server technology. Unlike many similar products, it does not convert InDesign documents into another format during the editing process. one2edit™ manages the InDesign server remotely, transferring your inputs and changes without any losses. 

Thanks to its real WYSIWYG processing, this method makes your tasks more straightforward. On top of this, all InDesign functions can be used and retained, including anchored objects, inline graphics and textbox chains that cover several pages. This is particularly valuable for complex layouts or very large documents.

You can check your documents out of the process at any time and edit them in the desktop version of InDesign because one2edit™ works without converting InDesign formats. This means your agency can make changes to the layout and then check the document in again – without loss and without risks.

Files within the BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS aren’t constantly copied from A to B and back again – unlike the synchronization processes from well-known cloud providers. CoFS offers a real-time approach that all users can access just like a shared hard-drive on a common network. This means everybody can immediately see when a file is changed or a new file is added. This is a stark contrast to conventional systems that require users to wait for synchronization to be completed.

All saved files can be protected using AES 256-bit encryption that provides the maximum level of security when your files are transported from one saved location to another. Files are automatically encrypted if you choose to store them in cloud storage solutions like Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure.

CoFS makes transferring files easier and simpler than ever. It can be integrated into file systems from Windows and macOS seamlessly so your employees and partners can carry on working in the same way they always have – but better.

You can set up workflows that meet your specific needs and give you the freedom to decide whether to build in compulsory or optional approval steps – or to leave these steps out entirely.

The integrated one2edit™ workflow engine can be used to create editing, feedback and approval processes quickly and simply using the drag and drop function. There’s no limit to the number of process steps or participants involved. You can set up automatic notifications to be sent when a process step is completed, activate interactions with other systems via web-services and follow the progress in the project overview. 

User rights can be based on roles and job assignments – and can be adapted for each individual project. External and internal users worldwide are able to work together through their browser. Each user has a personalized list of tasks, while the project manager can follow all activities in the project overview. This makes localization and adaptation of communications materials an efficient and transparent process. 

There’s no need to create complicated workflows or business process notations, and no need for programming skills or training activities. Our workflow engine is built to meet real-world needs and makes it possible to create processes quickly – and adapt them just as fast if necessary.

Workflows enable you to automate processes by offering a wide range of export functions and possibilities to communicate with other systems. You can also save workflows and reuse them as templates. This gives you the power to standardize your processes using the one2edit™ workflow engine without having to give up your agility.