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35,000 user logins per year, thousands of individual dealer campaigns – one consistent brand presence. How dealer portal based gave Mercedes-Benz the power to strengthen its brand presence and support dealers.


The starting point: Everybody knows Daimler’s registered trademark for vehicles, Mercedes-Benz. It’s one of the world’s strongest brands and was nominated as the most valuable premium car brand in the world in 2017 – and the strongest brand in Germany.

Special offers and short reaction times play a decisive role in the direct communication between car dealers and customers – and are vital for business success. Every dealer acts as an individual business, and they all represent the Mercedes-Benz brand. That’s why the German sales team at Mercedes-Benz was searching for a tool to support the creation of a range of marketing materials in a way that ensured consistency, offered flexibility and protected its brand.

The task: To develop a tool that gives subsidiaries and dealers the freedom to create customized marketing material in line with the overall brand design guidelines. 

The challenge: To save dealers time and money, while ensuring brand consistency.

DGM agency for communications:
The German sales team at Mercedes-Benz was looking for a tool that could support its subsidiaries and sales partners in creating marketing material in a way that is consistent – but also customized. In particular, the team wanted to make sure all material was in line with the overall corporate design guidelines, while also enabling dealers to save time and resources. That’s why we developed a web-based platform for creating marketing material in 2014 that has been continuously expanded with new areas and marketing formats ever since.


The solution: In 2014, the German PR and communications agency DGM created a web-based configurator platform for Mercedes-Benz. It’s based on one2edit™ and has been continuously updated with new areas and marketing formats since it was first developed. The platform’s main focus is on achieving brand consistency while empowering dealers to minimize the amount of time and money they have to invest when creating marketing material. 

The implementation: DGM developed a customized solution based on the BRANDGUARDIAN one2edit™ Enterprise Edition. It’s now part of the Mercedes-Benz marketing platform (MAP) and enables dealers to create marketing materials for their specific needs – quickly, easily, and without special knowledge of corporate design. The seamless integration of one2edit™ prevents design errors and delivers content that’s ready for production.

A customized product information database contains descriptions of all products and services, as well as relevant images. The smooth integration of one2edit™ makes it possible for dealers to find the content they need quickly and store it within the one2edit™ online editor platform. They’re also able to adapt the prices and descriptions of selected products and services using one2edit™.

Dealers are able to operate more independently thanks to this winning combination of the robust and scalable one2edit™ software and the customer-specific add-ons and processes. The platform strengthens the Mercedes-Benz brand by eliminating errors. Of course, only the best is good enough for Mercedes.



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The success:

  • 35,000 users logins per year
  • 1 platform for all dealers 
  • 100 % Mercedes-Benz brand design
  • Faster processes, more self-sufficient dealers
  • Consistent brand presence across all communications formats
  • Flexibility that supports dealer-specific special offers and services
  • Seamless integration into the Mercedes-Benz marketing infrastructure


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