Innovative Web-to-Print Solution

Next Generation Web-to-Print: more automation for Marketing & Brand Management

A good mix of digital and analog approaches is still a basic prerequisite for a successful customer journey. Print, in the form of product brochures, flyers, technical data sheets, personalized print mailings, etc., plays an essential role in this. In order to successfully manage, localize and adapt print materials for each market and target group, modern web-to-print software is indispensable. But what does "Next Generation Web-to-Print" actually mean?

Today, web-to-print/web2print is also known as web-to-publish or web-to-media, as the localized communication materials are not only printed, but can also be used in online media channels. A localized product brochure or white paper can be offered for download on the company's own website, landing page and LinkedIn, or sent to the target audience via email.

The internet has a significant impact on print. New hybrid forms of advertising, i.e. a media mix between print and online, are developing. According to the BVDM 2019 study, the production of printed catalogs, advertising brochures, mailings, annual reports and other print materials accounted for just under 40% of all print products.

What is Web-to-Print/Web-to-Publish?

The creation and production of communication materials, and especially their personalization and localization, require the collaboration of many internal and external experts. To create and localize brand-compliant advertising materials and collaterals in different languages, marketers, copywriters, designers, product experts, translators and, in some cases, specialist departments such as Legal must collaborate. All marketing materials, e.g. flyers, product brochures, technical data sheets or labels, are first laid out by graphic designers, using the Adobe InDesign® program, which is complex and requires specialist knowledge. The content often needs to be copied and pasted from Excel and Word documents into InDesign documents. Coordination, approval and localization processes follow, involving others in the organization and externally. Proofing loops, many stakeholders, and large marketing files make the entire process complex and often slow. Web-to-print software is used to organize these challenges of collaboratively working on designed materials and distributing them much more efficiently.

Web-to-print solutions allow brand templates to be edited and produced as print-ready PDF files. A modern web-to-print efficiently protects the brand by allowing only the design options that conform to the brand.

The web2print software, one2edit™, has been continuously developed for 20 years. It covers all requirements and makes it possible to involve all stakeholders in effective workflows in an intuitive browser interface that is accessible everywhere. As a result, editing, approval, translation and distribution across all channels, as well as printing, take place significantly faster and always 100% on brand. one2edit™ is the basis for what is currently the most modern, technically sophisticated automation of web-to-print. As a result, customers significantly increase their time-to-market and dramatically reduce the effort of all those involved in the process.

With modern Web-to-Print Software it is possible to:

  • edit native InDesign documents (no conversions, no losses) online 
  • create and flexibly customize drag & drop workflows whenever needed
  • integrate corporate design guidelines into the web-to-print process to efficiently support the brand-compliant localization
  • easily add internal and external process participants and provide everyone with a streamlined work environment
  • use a unified repository with an always up-to-date marketing template and much more ...

How does Web-to-Print work?

As you know, marketing materials are mostly designed in Adobe InDesign® program that requires specialized knowledge. one2edit™ is based on Adobe InDesign and enables InDesign documents to be edited in real time via the Internet browser. one2edit™ is known under the name online InDesign editor, in addition to web-to-print. Users get a 100% accurate view of their marketing materials, which they can edit even without InDesign knowledge. They see in the browser preview the document, what will be created or printed as PDF, JPEG or PNG in the end.

The InDesign range of functions can be defined via the rule system in one2edit™, so that those involved in the process are only shown the functions that are relevant to them. This form of narrowing down to the essentials enables everyone to complete their part of the task (design, editing, approval, translation, etc.) quickly. To ensure corporate design guidelines for a consistent brand presence, users are only shown the design options that they need. This, too, is next-generation web-to-print. Regional marketing can, for example, create brand-compliant versions of POS materials, product catalogs, technical data sheets or web banners and only adjust certain places for text or images, but not layout, logo, font, colors, etc. In this way, web-to-print further protects the brand design.

Web-to-Print for efficient Collaboration

The modern web-to-print / web-to-publish software one2edit™ provides you with an innovative workflow. As a marketer or project manager, you have full control and an optimal overview of the process steps, no matter how many activities run in parallel in your web-to-print system. In just a few clicks and without any programming knowledge, you can create and adapt your workflows or reuse previously created workflows. Everything is designed for effective processes. All communication between departments, geographically dispersed users and external service providers becomes easier and faster. You'll be notified when new tasks are assigned, always have access to the latest files, and always know what progress your projects are making or where intervention and support are needed. 


Maximum Automation with Web-to-Print

For maximum automation, Excel files can be linked to the marketing templates in one2edit™ to automatically update price lists, business reports, product brochures or technical data sheets. Copy & paste is thus a thing of the past, as are associated errors. 

With one2edit™ as a web-to-print solution, PNG and JPEG formats can be created in addition to PDF, e.g. in order to produce, adapt and localize web banners in different versions for any markets on your own. At the push of a button, different formats can be realized, rule-based and always brand-compliant. In the same way, brand-compliant ads can be created and localized for Facebook or LinkedIn, for example. 

Thus, with the help of the one2edit™ web-to-publish software, all analog and digital communication materials for regional, local or global brand communication can be produced consistently.

No fonts or additional software need to be installed. As an out-of-the-box solution, one2edit™ web-to-print software is ready for immediate use.


The advantages of one2edit™ as a web-to-print solution:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • High level of automation through intelligent drag & drop workflows
  • High quality of localized and personalized documents 
  • Protected corporate design through CI-compliant editing
  • Automatic and rule-based format adaptation of brand templates
  • Branded content for digital and analog channels thanks to various output formats including PDF, PNG, JPEG, INDD, IDML, etc.
  • Secure infrastructure for media production
  • Automatic pre-translation through integration of language databases such as DeepL, Microsoft
  • SmootheExchange of data with leading translation service providers such as SDL|Trados, Across, etc.


Test our web2print for 45 days now to benefit directly from the advantages of the modern solution

one2edit™ as a web2print editor offers some unique features that any company can benefit from when localizing, editing or reviewing and approving communication materials. one2edit™ can be used as an out-of-the-box solution or can be seamlessly connected via APIs to various DAM, PIM or other leading and marketing relevant systems. Furthermore, there is the possibility to test one2edit™ 45 days for free and without obligations in order to convince yourself of the advantages of the web-to-print software. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about web-to-print and its application possibilities.