Brand management


It’s getting more and more difficult to ensure efficient and consistent communications across all brand-related touchpoints. There are more tools, more data to process, more channels and more output formats than ever – but less time and fewer people with the right skills. Solving one or two parts of this challenge isn’t enough. That’s why more and more companies are taking advantage of one2edit™, an end-to-end process that provides the best possible support for operative brand management.


To create a strong brand, you have to bring it to life in a consistent way. When it comes to ensuring unified brand communications across regions, countries, markets and parts of an organization, style guides and corporate design guidelines can’t guarantee success.

The correct use of brand elements like logos, graphics, colors and text formats requires specialist expertise and can be very time-consuming. Even if you give precise briefings to your internal and external users, it’s still often necessary to go through several rounds of correction and approval before your marketing material is in line with your brand guidelines. And difficulties in transferring files to external service providers can slow your processes down while pushing your costs up.


one2edit™ enables you to adapt and localize communications material more easily and efficiently than ever. We’ve developed a solution that gives you the power to meet the demands of both the traditional and digital worlds – and achieve high levels of consistency and quality in your brand communications.

The self-service function within one2edit™ makes it possible for employees to adapt marketing materials with no risk of weakening your brand – even if they don’t have knowledge of your corporate design rules. one2edit™ only offers users design possibilities that are consistent with your brand guidelines.

one2edit™ also simplifies collaboration with external service providers because it makes sure all users have access to the latest versions of files and templates. This means brochures, invitation or business cards can be created in the blink of an eye, without the need to wait for updates or file synchronization.

And because our intelligent tool is a comprehensive solution, not just an add-on program, it can be directly integrated into your brand portals and connected with your DAM system. This makes sure brand consistency is built into your creative process from the very beginning.


The intuitive and flexible user interface can be adapted to meet all requirements. one2edit™ offers a role-specific display with an interface that only features the relevant functions for each specific user. This gives users a simple and fast introduction to one2edit™, while increasing acceptance levels and raising the degree of use – which eliminates the need for training in the majority of cases. 

Access rights and user roles can be freely defined and allocated quickly and simply through group structures. one2edit™ can be set up to reflect multiple internal and external organizational structures. You can also manage the specific content each user is able to access, as well as defining every individual user’s role within each workflow and deciding which tools and formatting options for editing documents are made available.

Make content elements available to be edited by a group of users by moving them into ContentGroups using the drag and drop function. Create multiple ContentGroups to distribute content to various teams or individuals (e.g. copywriting, image editing etc.) or withdraw selected content from the editing process simply by not allocating it to any of your ContentGroups. one2edit™ can even allocate most content automatically as soon as you import the InDesign document.

The detailed options and settings for rights and roles provide a secure and efficient way of working, even for less-experienced users.

The one2edit™ brand design framework can be set up with just a few clicks. You can generate templates that reflect your choices about which formatting options to make available for your users. Each user can then choose from your library of templates based on their access rights. It’s also easy to create self-service functions for actions like setting the font size or character spacing – using slider controls that are configured in line with your preferences for the minimum and maximum values.

You can also make additional design options available for any users who need them. one2edit™ features all of the InDesign formatting options for text and images. You decide what makes sense and what’s allowed. You can set company-wide standards and define any exceptions with fully-individualized design rules whenever necessary.

Once you’ve saved your brand design rules, you can reuse them and assign them to projects easily using the drag and drop function. Any changes to saved rules will automatically be applied to any templates that use this rule. Design rules can be applied to an entire document or to individual elements of a document. This granular management of rules opens up the maximum amount of flexibility and ensures compliance with your corporate design guidelines – with a minimum amount of effort.

Brand templates within one2edit™ give users the freedom to adapt documents to meet their preferences – while always staying within the design guidelines. These guidelines operate in the background to ensure users don’t get overwhelmed by endless possibilities and prevent them from formatting documents in ways that are not aligned with your brand identity

You can create self-service functions for adapting communications material like posters, flyers, invitations or business cards quickly and easily. Your company’s employees can adapt materials to meet their specific needs – within the limits of your pre-defined brand design rules. They can then download their design as a production-ready PDF. Of course, you can also define other workflows that send documents to be printed or that require users to begin an approval process.

The one2edit™ brand templates make it easier and faster than ever to adapt documents for different requirements – with no need for InDesign skills or external service providers. And they also make sure that everything is created in line with your brand design guidelines, without creating stress for your employees.

one2edit™ follows a consistent, best-of-breed approach that gives you the power to connect one2edit™ with as many other systems as necessary. Choose the best solution, continue using your existing systems and achieve end-to-end processes along the entire content management value chain – from supply through to distribution.  

one2edit™ offers a comprehensive and powerful RESTful server API (programming interface) as well as a JavaScript Client API for interactions with programs on workplace computers or special adaptations of the one2edit™ user interface. 

Alongside these two programming interfaces, you can also access a variety of standard interfaces for a seamless and deep integration with leading systems. 

Using our File Client creates a seamless and user-friendly connection with the desktop workspaces of creative teams. This enables them to open, edit and save InDesign files with a simple double-click, just like they can on a local hard drive – without any need for uploading or downloading.

Standard Single-Sign-On (SSO) processes are available to support the integration of portal solutions like brand management portals, marketing platforms or intranet channels. Simply connect your company directory via LDAP. one2edit™ takes on your groups, roles and user rights – and then allocates the specific attributes of one2edit™ that are necessary for efficient collaboration, even in complex organizational structures.

Files within the BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS aren’t constantly copied from A to B and back again – unlike the synchronization processes from well-known cloud providers. CoFS offers a real-time approach that all users can access just like a shared hard-drive on a common network. This means everybody can immediately see when a file is changed or a new file is added. This is a stark contrast to conventional systems that require users to wait for synchronization to be completed. 

All saved files can be protected using AES 256-bit encryption that provides the maximum level of security when your files are transported from one saved location to another. Files are automatically encrypted if you choose to store them in cloud storage solutions like Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure.

CoFS makes transferring files easier and simpler than ever. It can be integrated into file systems from Windows and macOS seamlessly so your employees and partners can carry on working in the same way they always have – but better.

The integrated one2edit™ workflow engine can be used to create editing, feedback and approval processes quickly and simply using the drag and drop function. There’s no limit to the number of process steps or participants involved. You can set up automatic notifications to be sent when a process step is completed, activate interactions with other systems via web-services and follow the progress in the project overview. 

User rights can be based on roles and job assignments – and can be adapted for each individual project. External and internal users worldwide are able to work together through their browser. Each user has a personalized list of tasks, while the project manager can follow all activities in the project overview. This makes localization and adaptation of communications materials an efficient and transparent process.

There’s no need to create complicated workflows or business process notations, and no need for programming skills or training activities. Our workflow engine is built to meet real-world needs and makes it possible to create processes quickly – and adapt them just as fast if necessary. Workflows enable you to automate processes by offering a wide range of export functions and possibilities to communicate with other systems. You can also save workflows and reuse them as templates. This gives you the power to standardize your processes using the one2edit™ workflow engine without having to give up your agility.




New Touchpoints - new hurdles for Brand Management

Numerous companies today are confronted with the variety of brand-related touch points. Of course, at first this seems to be an immense advantage, as potential customers can thus become aware of the company and its brand in the most diverse ways. But in terms of brand management, the various touchpoints can represent an enormous hurdle. More channels have to be used and even more tools have to be operated. Output formats and the amount of data are increasing, while available staff, time and marketing budget remain the same. At the same time, it is difficult to realize efficient and consistent communication that represents the brand in an appropriately uniform manner across the diverse areas of responsibility.

What challenge can appear in relation to brand management

You probably find yourself thinking of a certain color or slogan when you think of a well-known brand. This is often a classic indication that the company has been operating successful brand management through the correct and consistent use of brand elements such as logo, fonts, graphic components, colors and typography. All these aspects fall under the umbrella term of corporate design and, in the long term, lead to the establishment of a certain brand recognition value. Many companies rely on style guides or CD guidelines (corporate design guidelines) for the uniform external representation of their brand. However, these are often not sufficient for optimal brand management in reality. Especially when companies are active on the global market, successful brand management must include all regions, countries, markets as well as organizational units. Successful use of the brand elements that correspond to the corporate design requires special expertise and infrequently associated with an immense investment of time. Even involving internal and external experts who have been briefed intensively and precisely beforehand often does not lead to the desired results without further adjustment. In addition, the attempt to implement comprehensive brand management can lead to dependencies, process delays or cost increases due to the cooperation of different service providers.

one2edit™ from BRANDGUARDIAN ist the solution for successful and efficient Brand Management

BRANDGUARDIAN offers one2edit™ a tool that can overcome all brand management challenges. Never before has the adaptation and localization of communication materials for the implementation of successful brand management been so simple and efficient. With one2edit™, a convenient solution has been created that promises high quality of all communication materials - always keeping the classic and digital requirements for brand management in mind. It is not uncommon for employees to have little knowledge of corporate design, and in the hectic daily routine, there is once again no time to train employees or brief external service providers precisely about your requirements? With one2edit™, these problems are also a thing of the past - your employees can directly adapt various marketing materials in line with your brand as part of the one2edit™ self-services. By only allowing design options that meet the corresponding requirements of your brand management, the desired recognition value of your brand is guaranteed. At the same time, all stakeholders can access the same dataset - collaborating with all service providers. The protection of brand has never been easier. No more annoying waiting for updates or data synchronization! With one2edit™, the creation of brochures, invitations or business cards is effortless. To optimize your brand management, one2edit™ can also be integrated into existing brand portals or linked to DAM systems. This creates comprehensive solutions for successful brand management. This is a strong support to ensure a consistent brand experience along the customer journey. In this way, we fulfill our goal of simplifying the workflows in brand management.

The use of one2edit™ enables:

 Efficient customization of marketing collateral without many correction and approval loops

 Self-Services for all employees

 High uniform quality of all communication materials

 Significant savings in marketing budget

 An overarching solution for Brand Management

Are there still questions regarding the use of one2edit™ to improve your brand management? Then do not hesitate to contact us! Our team is already looking forward to your inquiry.