PORSCHE: accelerate into the future

50 % faster time-to-market, 70 % more languages, 100 % brand consistency: How we helped Porsche accelerate into the future – without compromising on quality.


The starting point: Porsche is the biggest sportscar producer and the most profitable automotive manufacturer in the world. The company has a wealth of tradition and car-lovers around the globe dream of owning one of its vehicles. That’s why its up to 400-page brochures are adapted for a range of different markets.

The product literature doesn’t just have to be translated – images and product specifications also have to be adapted to meet cultural or regulatory requirements. This frequently means it’s necessary to change the layout of a page or chapter. Changes to content are sometimes made at the last second because the material has to be developed at the same time as the car in order to be ready to use during the market launch.

The task: To optimize the localization process to meet challenging deadlines without compromising on quality.

The challenge: To develop a workflow that enables changes to content at every stage in the process, while also eliminating mistakes in implementing brand guidelines.


The solution: With one2edit™, we provided the Frankfurt-based communications agency Kemper Kommunikation (KeKo) with an innovative system that enables it to meet the high quality requirements of its longstanding key client, Porsche. Using our new platform saves KeKo time by automating some of the agency's tasks – which also eliminates potential mistakes from manual processes.

The implementation: First, a master document is created in one2edit™ and aligned with Porsche. At the same time, teams begin working on local versions that are marked as being based on the master version. Changes to the master version are then also implemented within the additional local versions. This makes it possible to begin the localization process much earlier.

one2edit™ helps ensure quality during the localization process through its text rules. For example, product names are recognized by the system and automatically put into the correct format and text font. Correction and approval processes are also coordinated and archived within one2edit™. This means last-minute changes no longer present a risk for KeKo and Porsche.


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The success:

  • 50 % faster time-to-market
  • 70 % more languages
  • More flexibility for last-minute changes
  • Simplified collaboration between agencies, translators and customers
  • Top quality results and maximum brand consistency


Kemper Kommunikation, Frankfurt