Marketing Portal for more Automation


Franchise systems are based on consistent brand management. Consistency throughout the brand is the key to success, because a standardized experience must be guaranteed across all communication channels and touchpoints. It is also expected and appreciated by customers. The franchisees benefit from the successful business model as well as the brand awareness and its impact - and must not under any circumstances dilute this. 

With modern marketing portals and one2edit™, franchisors ensure the consistent brand implementation through a variety of communication materials and touch points. Even more, they can decentralize their marketing to enable franchise partners to communicate to the market much faster, more individually and 100% on-brand. Does this work in practice? Yes: a smart solution such as the franchise marketing portal M-Hub for McDonald's Germany franchisees proves the success achieved.


Marketing Portal for Franchise Partner

Marketing portals are nothing new in itself. As central repositories, they provide marketers at headquarters, franchisees, agencies or freelance partners with detailed information and sets of rules on brand strategy, implementation of corporate and brand design. They also offer content such as corporate texts, different types of product images and videos, logos and other digital assets. The challenge: While these often quite complex digital compendiums are up-to-date and very detailed, they are usually not particularly intuitive in application. They offer room for interpretation in terms of design application but the franchise partners can't adapt communication materials for their needs independently as they are not designed for this. As a rule many marketing portals inform only how to apply the brand design. Smart automations, which can simplify and accelerate marketing processes, are usually not supported, so it's not easy for franchisees to address their customers and local markets more individually. As a result special design software and skills are usually required to adapt the communication materials. The marketing portals are rarely used collaboratively to their full extent. Consequently, modern forms of collaboration, fast roll-outs and cost-effective adaptation processes are thus not supported.


Marketing Portal with integrated one2edit™

With one2edit™ you can realize next-generation marketing portals for your franchisees. Instead of offering templates and sample files for download, which must then be edited with special programs, the franchisors or the central marketing department can simply offer one2edit™ brand templates. The franchisees can use these intuitively in any browser and adapt them for their local markets - without risk of misinterpreting the brand guidelines.

No special design or deep brand knowledge is required for this: franchisees can easily create individual digital or print advertising materials such as posters, display stands, coupons, flyers, product brochures and signs and adapt them to their regional and local needs, directly from the browser without leaving the marketing portal. one2edit™ shows the users only reasonable and brand-compliant options for adaptation. 

If the brand templates are now linked to the image database (DAM), the product information system (PIM) or the customer database (CRM), the results are not only 100 percent corporate brand-compliant, but also guaranteed to be correct in terms of content and immediately ready for production – whether for print or digital. With such a modern marketing portal, you boost your approval and adaptation processes and realize the decentralized marketing, with all of its advantages, while preserving brand consistency. This not only reduces the workload of marketers in the headquarters - it also gives franchise partners more freedom. They can respond better to local requirements, address their customers and prospects in a personalized way, and are more financially successful as a result.

A modern marketing portal enables:

  • the brand consistent adaptation of communications material directly in browser without any installations of design software or licensing of fonts
  • the global collaboration of different functions through automated and flexible workflows
  • the direct adaptation and production of  advertising materials for digital, print, and social media in the highest quality without design expertise
  • automated cross-channel marketing communication - directly from marketing portal
  • Single Source of Truth = easy access to all digital assets (images, logos, videos, texts etc.)

Marketing portals for a successful decentralized marketing

The decentralization of marketing communication has considerable potential for franchise systems. Marketing portals, such as "M-Hub" for McDonald’s Germany franchisees, are a good example of modern, decentralized marketing. The franchise partners can create all POS promotions and advertising materials independently without having any expertise in layout or design software. They can access the central templates and customize them for the needs of their local markets. All coordination processes are systemized and automated and the customer approach is designed more individually. Time-consuming approval processes between franchisees and the franchisors are no longer necessary and new products can be promoted much faster. By integrating one2edit ™ into the franchise marketing portals, you enable, among other things, excellent self-services for your marketing specialists, who can also create their own brochures, flyers, web banners, etc. completely on their own. This creates brand automation that inevitably increases efficiency in the entire franchise system without any design flaws.

This is how franchisees and franchisors can benefit from a modern marketing portal: 
  • Faster time-to-market through efficient adaptation of digital and analog advertising campaigns for local markets
  • Consistent and strong image of the (franchise) brand on a global and local levels
  • Significant budget savings through the recycling and adaptation of communications material by franchisees and significant time-savings for franchisors
  • Efficient collaboration of a franchisor and a franchisee through a marketing portal
  • Optimal overview and transparency of the entire brand implementation for the franchisor