CoFS: a real-time file system

CoFS – Single Point of Truth for Your Brand

CoFS is a real-time file management and distribution service based on the innovative technology of the BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT Media Collaboration Technology. It enables the efficient and comfortable collaboration of geographically distributed teams (eg several agencies, freelancers, local marketing departments, etc.) and provides a central platform for all brand-relevant files and data.

Instant availability: Documents and media like images, audio or video files are available all the time, from anywhere. All users have 24-hour access to the latest versions of files and are notified immediately when documents are changed or if new documents are created – saving you time, money and stress.

Intuitive usability: CoFS makes file exchange faster and simpler than ever. It can be integrated into file systems from Windows and macOS seamlessly, so your employees and external partners can carry on working just as they always have – but better.

Smart functions for fast and secure working: Tasks like managing different versions of files or comparing differences during synchronization are performed in the background. This gives your users the freedom to concentrate on their main task: making strong brands even stronger – everywhere, all the time.


BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS (a collaborative file system) offers a real-time file system that all users can access as if it were a shared hard drive on a common network. Consequently, every user can immediately see when a file is changed or a new file is added. This is in stark contrast to conventional systems from well-known cloud providers, which require users to wait for synchronization (i.e. download/upload) to complete. 

CoFS integrates file-changes in real time into the metadata of all storage locations that are connected via the BRANDGUARDIAN Media Collaboration Technology (MCT). Moreover, you can decide to which storage locations you want your files to be saved.

The rules-based CoFS gives you the freedom to define exactly what you need. Configure CoFS to, for example, always save data to a minimum number of storage locations, or to only make certain files available to users in certain regions, etc. 

Furthermore, while traditional Content Delivery Networks (CDN) often require the same volume of storage space at all locations, CoFS has no difficulty working with multiple storage locations that are configured in different ways. For example, CoFS can move a location's oldest files to an archive, dynamically freeing up storage.

BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS (a collaborative file system) is an outstanding solution when it comes to working with large files. Using local caching servers, additional caching storage on workstations, proxy servers and the BRANDGUARDIAN® Media Collaboration Technology (MCT), CoFS delivers rapid data-transfer speeds with very short latency.

Files are automatically transported via the fastest available route. Wherever possible, only those elements of the file that have changed will be transferred, saving time and giving you the freedom to work more efficiently

In addition, you can define rules within the CoFS that push all project-related files to (for example) Sydney at the end of the working day in London. In this way, the Australian team can get started immediately, without having to first spend time downloading and extracting files. In short, the rules-based CoFS offers a significant range of possibilities for automation, supporting efficient collaboration between teams in disparate locations.

All saved files can be protected using AES 256-bit encryption, providing the maximum level of security when your files are transported from one saved location to another. Files are automatically encrypted when stored in cloud storage solutions, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

In addition, you can fine-tune the access rights for your users down to the smallest detail. Together with the virtual file system, this provides the freedom to create and manage multiple structures for access rights, reducing the risk of data leaks in a highly-secure working environment, with minimum effort.

BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS (a collaborative file system) is based on the Media Collaboration Technology (MCT), and can be scaled up or down to meet your unique requirements. You can also expand your infrastructure with additional hardware, temporary resources or entire cloud services whenever necessary – without any downtime.

New resources are automatically recognized and made immediately available. You can configure the exact role of the new resources and decide which tasks they should perform.

The MCT Software Development Kits (SDKs) also make it possible for third-party software to benefit from CoFS’s outstanding performance. You can expand the infrastructure with as many new services as you like – adapting to any new processes and challenges.

Expand your infrastructure with minimal effort using Gateway Services for the BRANDGUARDIAN® Media Collaboration Technology (MCT). These allow you to easily integrate services like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure into your solution.

If you’re not interested in building your own storage solution, or if you just need a fallback scenario, you can simply rely on a cloud storage provider. Any data transferred with CoFS to your chosen cloud storage provider is transferred and stored using AES 256-bit encryption – keeping your data safe, even in a third-party infrastructure.

The BRANDGUARDIAN® Media Collaboration Technology (MCT) gives you the freedom to develop your own additional services by using our Software Development Kits (SDKs). Alternatively, you may purchase such services from third-party providers. Direct service-to-service communication is one of the basic features of the MCT, offering you a wide range of possibilities.

The MCT makes it possible for CoFS to be connected with Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems (e.g. image databases). Simply define rules and processes for how data should enter your DAM systems or be made available to your graphic designers via CoFS – with no need to upload or download data manually.

CoFS can be connected with multiple different file-storage systems and can even help third-party systems to provide new or improved functionality.

Comprehensive monitoring is one of the most important properties of an effective service mesh. In order to operate smoothly and securely, it is essential to see what exactly is happening at any given moment, while also knowing what resources are available, what volume of data is being transferred and how much storage is being used.

The BRANDGUARDIAN® MCT provides CoFS Service with the capability for comprehensive monitoring and detailed diagnosis. All data streams can be visualized and diagnosed effectively using a monitoring solution (Grafana) that can be configured to meet your specific needs. 

The alert function notifies you whenever critical values are reached so that you’re able to take action. For example, you can automatically switch to a cloud service for data transfers if your own data channels are operating at reduced capacity or have stopped functioning. You can even store your data in the cloud if your own storage space is approaching full capacity. The comprehensive monitoring options within CoFS ensure that you always have a full overview of your system, thus helping you react to any situation in plenty of time.

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