Global Collaboration without issues


Your brand is present in a huge range of digital and real-world locations. But global collaboration presents several challenges: When different people, tools and systems come together, the results can be unpredictable. Quality becomes unreliable, processes slow down and things often get needlessly complicated. File sharing costs your employees time and patience they have to wait for the right files because instead of accessing materials whenever they need them. Working like this is particularly frustrating when your teams are based in different time zones – and can lead to expensive delays.

Disorganization, lack of transparency or an insufficient overview of progress can make it more difficult to maintain control over your brand identity. And because every employee has different skills and abilities, this can lead to a real problem.


How can you accelerate your processes for global collaboration, while also reducing complexity and increasing control over your brand identity?


With the BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS, you can share your templates and files safely and reliably – across all of your company’s sites worldwide. It works like a hard drive that all of your users can access, wherever they are.

Worldwide, with no waiting: The virtual file system guarantees that all of your servers and computers have access to the latest files at any time. High-performance file transfer technology makes your files available at the locations you choose – either on demand or as part of a pre-defined approach that follows consistent rules. If a file is changed or a new file is created, it’s made visible for all users in real time.

This makes the BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS several times faster than traditional file synchronization services or central asset management solutions. It simplifies the flow of processes and communication: All users are immediately notified that a new file or a revised version has been saved and can begin working with the new content straight away.

Say goodbye to delays, misunderstandings and time lost when users work with an outdated file. The BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS gives you a clear overview and provides a single point of truth that you can rely on.


The single point of truth for your brand: CoFS is a virtual file system that empowers you to manage your brand more efficiently and more consistently. More about CoFS.

More about CoFS.

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Always on brand: one2edit™ gives you a consistent brand presence by simplifying decentralized and international collaboration.

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Global collaboration in marketing: data exchange and approval processes

Collaboration in marketing is an immense challenge for globally active companies whose employees are often spread geographically and across time zones. A consistent brand image can only be developed, maintained and communicated through uniform communication. The challenges here take the form of very different problem areas. For example, the technical implementation and availability of data and brand templates is a factor to be considered in global marketing collaboration, as well as global data exchange, data transfer and approval processes through to hierarchical task coordination. Find out below how you can successfully address these challenges and thus unify, simplify and improve your global brand presence.

Global Marketing Collaboration: Automate marketing review processes and reduce complexity

Approval processes in marketing and brand management are extremely important for successful global collaboration. They protect the brand and ensure a consistent brand image. Without appropriate marketing tools, such processes can be very complex, time-consuming and costly. In order to reduce complexity and increase efficiency, it is advisable to rely on appropriate marketing tools for control and automation. Only then, marketing and brand managers can be sure that the review and approval processes run quickly and smoothly and that there is no confusion in communication.

The innovative marketing products one2edit and CoFS have been developed especially for global companies to enable easy and efficient collaboration between agencies, freelancers and local marketing departments. one2edit and CoFS work as a unified solution. This constellation enables an efficient global collaboration in marketing and brand management. one2edit automates approval workflows, which are easily created by drag&drop without any programming and a lot of time. For each marketing project it is possible to create any number of process steps and, if necessary, to adapt them with a minimum of effort. The Marketing Manager always retains full control over the entire process. With one2edit he manages even complex responsibilities and extensive task distribution with a minimum of effort. Individually definable editing rules and tasks are assigned according to the roles. There is no room for possible errors. All formatting options and adjustments are carried out according to the brand design guidelines. This allows all process participants in the communication campaign to work together in a coordinated manner worldwide without jeopardizing brand consistency

Easy, secure and fast file exchange for efficient global collaboration

Security and ease-of-use are two of the most important factors in file sharing and data transfer. CoFS makes it easy and secure to share even large files like a product brochure consisting of more than 100 pages and lots of images with all colleagues and service providers: Efficient Global Collaboration. CoFS works like a virtual hard disk connected to one2edit. All images, audio, video and text files are stored in this shared data directory. Regardless of the time zone and geographical location, a distributed marketing team and all involved service providers have access to the current files at any time. Thus CoFS serves as a single-point-of-truth. This means that the whole remote marketing team can work together on a marketing document without the risk of using an outdated version of files. Compared to other solutions that require the entire files to be copied and transferred for synchronization between sites, CoFS transports only the changes. Changes to meta-data, such as the modification date of a file, are made via CoFS in real time, so that every user is immediately informed when there is a new version of a file. Seamless integration in different operating systems ensures intuitive use and high acceptance of the solution in Global Collaboration in marketing and brand management

This results in an efficient collaboration in marketing, which allows cooperation with any agencies and service providers worldwide.

Advantages with CoFS for your optimal Global Collaboration:

● Fast file exchange regardless of size

● Easy to use without additional training

● Current files available around the clock

● Highest security level for data transmission thanks to encryption 

Start now with one2edit and CoFS and revolutionize global collaboration

The BRANDGUARDIAN solutions one2edit and CoFs are innovative marketing technologies that can simplify your global marketing collaboration, automate approval processes and clearly organize work steps. They can be easily integrated into most existing systems or function as a fully-fledged standalone solution. If you are interested in our solutions for global marketing collaboration, please contact us or start directly with the test phase of one2edit and CoFS.