Your brand is present in a huge range of digital and real-world locations. But global collaboration presents several challenges: When different people, tools and systems come together, the results can be unpredictable. Quality becomes unreliable, processes slow down and things often get needlessly complicated. File sharing costs your employees time and patience they have to wait for the right files because instead of accessing materials whenever they need them. Working like this is particularly frustrating when your teams are based in different time zones – and can lead to expensive delays.

Disorganization, lack of transparency or an insufficient overview of progress can make it more difficult to maintain control over your brand identity. And because every employee has different skills and abilities, this can lead to a real problem.


How can you accelerate your processes for global collaboration, while also reducing complexity and increasing control over your brand identity?


With the BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS, you can share your templates and files safely and reliably – across all of your company’s sites worldwide. It works like a hard drive that all of your users can access, wherever they are.

Worldwide, with no waiting: The virtual file system guarantees that all of your servers and computers have access to the latest files at any time. High-performance file transfer technology makes your files available at the locations you choose – either on demand or as part of a pre-defined approach that follows consistent rules. If a file is changed or a new file is created, it’s made visible for all users in real time.

This makes the BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS several times faster than traditional file synchronization services or central asset management solutions. It simplifies the flow of processes and communication: All users are immediately notified that a new file or a revised version has been saved and can begin working with the new content straight away.

Say goodbye to delays, misunderstandings and time lost when users work with an outdated file. The BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS gives you a clear overview and provides a single point of truth that you can rely on.


The single point of truth for your brand: CoFS is a virtual file system that empowers you to manage your brand more efficiently and more consistently. More about CoFS.

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Always on brand: one2edit™ gives you a consistent brand presence by simplifying decentralized and international collaboration.

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