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75 % faster review cycles, a 60-Euro cost saving per page and language, more than 160 countries, 1,500 users: Highly efficient distributed marketing with one2edit™ as the single source of truth.


The starting point: Siemens is a global company focused on electrification, automation and digitalization. As one of the world’s biggest providers of electrical technologies and electronic goods, Siemens is active in 190 countries. In more than 160 of those countries, professionally generated documents are constantly being adapted to meet local requirements.

This localization was time-consuming and prone to mistakes: Translators sent Word documents instead of working direct in the InDesign file, so the text didn’t always fit into the layout. Up to 10 rounds of corrections were sometimes necessary. Teams in many countries simply didn’t have the resources to localize a wide range of marketing materials. This means the Marketing team’s performance was limited by the inefficient processes they had to work with. 

The task: To optimize the process and eliminate mistakes from editing, translation and correction, while also making sure all material is compliant with brand guidelines.

The challenge: To provide easy-to-use tools that are available at all times and that users can handle with little or no training.


The solution: With one2edit™, we rebuilt the distributed marketing approach at Siemens from the ground up. Regional sales teams with responsibility for localizing marketing resources can now adapt existing communications material more easily than ever – with lower costs and increased brand consistency.

The implementation: one2edit™ is integrated with:

  • CC Library, a specially developed web portal for marketing resources and templates
  • SDL | Trados, a central translation management system
  • Adobe Experience Manager Assets, a central digital asset management system

Because it is closely integrated with one2edit™, CC Library gives the sales teams the power to adapt material for their local markets. one2edit™ enables users to access images that are stored in Adobe Experience Manager Assets (AEMA) during the localization process. AEMA functions as a central Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for Siemens and makes all localized material available once it has been approved.

The new workflow for Siemens was a complete success – even without an official rollout. one2edit™ has drastically simplified the localization of marketing material because it makes sure translators and sales teams are focused on the specific elements they need to adapt. This means Siemens now has one single source of truth: A main file that is connected to multiple language adaptations so the document only needs to be checked once.


The success:

  • 75 % faster review cycles
  • € 60 savings per page and per language
  • 6,800 localized documents in the first three years
  • 160 countries with more than 1,500 users
  • Single source of truth: one reliable main file
  • More independence for external agencies, fewer calls to the central helpdesk
  • Empowered regional offices now offer a significantly wider selection of localized materials 
  • Increased brand consistency


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