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You’ve defined your brand, created a style guide and gathered some best-practice examples. But you still discover mistakes and inconsistencies in the way your brand is brought to life.

Why? Because communication materials for different markets are created by local experts. They know their market well, but might be less familiar with your brand. And they might not appreciate the importance of brand consistency. As a result, they don’t stick to your brand guidelines – they improvise. And the results can be painful.

And it gets worse: It takes longer and longer to approve communication materials, and mistakes are spotted late or not at all. Some errors may even become common practice – with new mistakes made while implementing the old mistakes…

Usually, the causes of these problems are obvious: There’s not enough time or budget to bring employees and agencies up-to-date or give them training in brand management. As a result, your brand isn’t being presented consistently – and this can damage its overall value.


How can you ensure the consistent presentation of your brand identity?


Goodbye style guide, hello one2edit™! Switch to one2edit™ and simply build your brand specification directly into the software. one2edit™ makes sure your brand has a consistent look and feel – because it only offers users design possibilities that meet your guidelines.

Use our streamlined Workflow engine to define typical processes like approval and alignment. Alongside this, one2edit™ automatically notifies the user when their step in the process is ready to begin. Everyone knows what they have to do, so the process moves forward without delay.

Keep track of the latest progress on the overview page – even if you’re running several projects at the same time. This makes it easier and more efficient to work together with partners and colleagues, while maintaining overall control of the content being created.

The intelligent workflows from BRANDGUARDIAN® one2edit™ make it easier than ever to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd. It gives you lightning-fast rollouts, full consistency and maximum transparency – always in the spirit of your brand.



The single point of truth for your brand: CoFS is a virtual file system that empowers you to manage your brand more efficiently and more consistently. 

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Always on brand: one2edit™ gives you a consistent brand presence by simplifying decentralized and international collaboration.

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Why is Brand Consistency important to the success of your business

Brand consistency - a topic that concerns many companies with regard to their brand. Defining a brand and creating various style guides is one thing - implementing and controlling these brand specifications across all communication media is another. 

But why is brand consistency so important?

For one thing, a consistent brand identity, expressed in the form of logos, fonts, graphic components, colors or typography, conveys a coherent image of the brand to the outside world, effectively helping to build recognition. These individual aspects, in turn, are also coordinated with each other and together form the components of corporate identity. In this way, a particular color or concise typography automatically evokes an association of the corresponding brand. An existing recognition value of your brand thereby significantly shapes the success of your company. According to the forbes research, consistent brand identity across all touchpoints can boost up the revenue up to 23%.

Brand Consistency: the common hurdles on the way to a strong brand identity

It often happens that in attempt to achieve brand consistency the organizations fail and here and there you see instead of brand consistency examples a wrong logo placement or outdated graphic, etc. The common reason for such mistakes is that the previously defined style guide is not implemented as desired by the experts. The experts are usually trained for the respective market, but lack the appropriate training with regard to the brand and / or an understanding of the importance of brand consistency. This often results in style inconsistencies that are either recognized too late or not at all. This weakens brand consistency enormously. If errors are detected in an approval process, the necessary corrections lead to extraordinary delays in the provision of communication tools. The company itself often lacks the time and the necessary budget to train all internal and external service providers in brand application to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints.

Marketing Software: How can you secure and protect your Brand Consistency?

With one2edit™, BRANDGUARDIAN offers you a tool that helps you to overcome the challenges and ensure the consistent representation of your brand identity. Simply deposit your brand design specifications for the brand as a desired set of rules in one2edit™ - the marketing software will do the rest. By providing only rule-based and sensible design options from one2edit™, a uniform appearance is created and thus your brand consistency is guaranteed. In addition, the one2edit™ workflow engine enables you to maintain an overview of all process progress at all times and maintain the full control over all aspects of your brand identity across all communication materials for all markets without any effort. Furthermore, all parties involved will be notified immediately when the next step in the workflow is required. The result: increased time-to-market and efficient global collaboration - while always maintaining brand consistency.

The benefits of using one2edit™ for brand consistency:

  • The significant reduction of errors in the Corporate Design application. 
  • Full control over the entire process 
  • Ensuring brand consistency for a strong brand presence
  • Significant savings (time and money)
  • Empowering all employees to apply the brand design consistently

Do you have questions about how one2edit™ can protect your brand consistency? Then don't hesitate to contact us! The helpful team at BRANDGUARDIAN is already looking forward to your inquiry.

4 Questions about Brand Consistency

The term brand consistency refers to the internal consistency of a company's own brand communication to the outside world, i.e. how uniformly the brand appearance and the public presentation of a product or service is designed and executed across all communication channels.

The consistency of brand communication is crucial for building a strong brand identity. By presenting the brand in a positive and consistent way, a company shows a clear vision and can communicate its values and goals to the outside world. All of this helps the target audience identify itself with the company and thus decide in favor of the brand. Consistent brand communication ensures trust as well as quick recognition by the audience. The more consistent the brand remains in its communication, the faster the target group will memorize its goals and values. And on the contrary: the more frequently the brand guidelines are violated or the orientation of the brand is changed, the lower its recognition value and the loyalty of customers to the brand. In short: the brand is getting weaker.

To ensure brand consistency, it is particularly important to ensure the consistent and coordinated application of brand elements such as logo, typography, color, graphic elements, and imagery, as well as the correct spacing and sizing of elements and, of course, the quality of presentation and content. All these components must be consistently applied in media. Whether they are presented in print, virtual, animated, multisensory, or physical. Review your media and make sure the brand message is clear and understandable, all brand elements are used correctly, and brand design guidelines are followed. Even minimal deviations can have a serious negative impact on overall brand consistency and therefore brand image.

To control brand consistency, many companies rely usually on brand design guidelines and appropriate training for marketing and communications staff. Guidelines define the rules for applying the brand elements (logo, typography, colors, imagery, etc.) and usually use examples of standard cases to convey the application design. Trainings provide companies with an awareness of the brand and the practical application of the brand elements. Such trainings are time-consuming and costly and unfortunately, just like the brand design guidelines, do not guarantee 100 percent compliance with the brand specifications. If you really want to strengthen the entire appearance of the brand and achieve a consistent look, you should rely on one2edit. Our software is an out-of-the-box solution to efficiently ensure brand consistency in many use cases. With one2edit, you provide all users, internal and external stakeholders, with only brand-compliant design options, thus automatically ensuring the correct use of brand elements without the need for extensive training. Whether expert or amateur, everyone can create communication materials from business cards to web banners fast and always protecting the brand identity.