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Interesting topics on brand management and marketing automation.

For 20 years we have been supporting well-known brands, international and local agencies on their way to efficient brand management. From our experience we know that more manpower cannot improve time-to-market, that automation in marketing means much more than just email automation and there are areas in brand management that are crying out for smarter processes.

On this page we are happy to share our knowledge and experience and hope that you find our whitepapers and blog articles exciting and useful. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

E-book automation of brand communication

Smart automation of global Brand Communication

If you automate smartly in marketing and save costs, you win. But what does smart automation mean and what else can be automated beyond the familiar channels such as email campaigns? Find out all about marketing automation in our free e-book.


Programmatic printing creates a "wow" factor with hyper-personalized print mailings

Programmatic printing is one of the most efficient lead generation strategies in dialog marketing that brings together the digital and analog worlds to achieve the best results in business development.

Prepare InDesign documents for the localization workflow like professionals

Get 10 tips from our experts that help you to create InDesign documents already optimally prepared for a localization workflow. Save more time!


Web-to-Print localization

Next Generation Web-to-Print: a New Art of Automation

Print is an essential part of marketing in the form of product brochures, flyers, technical data sheets and, above all, personalized print mailings. Print is perfectly suited to convince customers as a tangible complement to digital media. Rule of thumb: the more digital the marketing, the more valuable it becomes to stand out with professional, printed materials. With Next Generation Web-to-Print, many process steps take place at the push of a button.