Mitsubishi: case study

100 % return on investment in less than a year: How one2edit™ gave MMC the power to achieve 50 % savings in time and costs when localizing product brochures.


The starting point: MMC Hardmetal is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. It specializes in precision tools and integrated solutions for the metal working industry. MMC delivers to markets across Europe through seven sales organizations and 60 national and European distributors.

Information about MMC products is highly technical and specialized. This put marketing managers, translators and product specialists under some pressure when ensuring brochures are adapted for local markets without containing any errors. In addition, the existing processes for translating and correcting material at MMC were out of date and very resource-intensive – and weren’t suitable for upscaling to meet rising demand for more product brochures in more languages. When major new products were launched on the market, the situation was frequently chaotic.

The task: To rationalize and simplify the translations processes (including the use of a translation memory), while also improving project management and quality control.

The challenge: To develop an efficient and innovative approach that saved time and money, improved quality and strengthens the “3 diamonds” of Mitsubishis brand values.


The solution: The MMC marketing team uses Adobe® InDesign® when creating communications material, so we developed a workflow that is 100 % compatible with InDesign® and its file formats. We integrated a translation memory (TM) to reduce costs, while also improving the accuracy and making it easier to reuse approved content.

The implementation: The new workflow combines our one2edit™ Express Edition (Saas) with an embedded Adobe® InDesign® Server and a TM system that is compatible with SDL Trados. It’s now easy to follow, manage and adapt the process. This makes life easier for marketeers, saves times, cuts costs and increases quality.  

The main focus was on increasing productivity by creating a solution that was easy for editors and product experts to use. An online solution with a modern, intuitive user interface enables WYSIWYG editing: Users can directly edit and correct InDesign® documents within their web-browser – in real-time and in line with the page design.


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The success:

  • 100 % return on investment in less than one year 
  • More than 50 % savings in the time and cost of localizing product brochures
  • 22 % lower translation costs in 2015
  • 55 % faster process for product brochures
  • More than 1,000 documents in the first three years 
  • Saving time: Up to 55 minutes per page per language, across more than 12,500 pages in the first three years
  • Improved quality for corporate identity, content accuracy, translation quality and reuse of approved wordings
  • Transparent, flexible workflows and increased productivity