Hyper-personalized print mailings w. Programmatic Printing

Programmatic Printing: Create a wow-effect with hyper-personalized print mailings

Personalized print mailings are characterized by excellent conversion rates. They can be optimally integrated into marketing communications and circumvent the strict GDPR requirements in the online sector. They are an optimal means of reaching, activating and, if necessary, winning back customers. Today, it is possible to deliver mailings and other print materials not only automatically, but also hyper-personalized, i.e. precisely tailored to each customer in terms of address and offer. And this is exactly what Programmatic Printing does: it brings two worlds together and enables the use of online data in physical mailings.

Online advertising is important, but it reaches fewer and fewer recipients: every hour, e-mails land in our inboxes that we - without perceiving their message - simply let our e-mail programs sort away. In the case of physical mailings, the addressee must at least take a look at the message when disposing of it. And if this matches exactly the interest recently shown online (for example in the web store or during purchase), then an important "wow" factor is created. This brief moment of attention can be enough to give the final impulse to buy or create a special customer experience. Welcome to the world of hyper-personalized print mailings created with the help of Programmatic Printing. Even rudimentary personalized communications achieve a top conversion rate of 4.5 %, as the CMC Collaborative Marketing Club found out in a study.

Programmatic Printing: maximum relevance for the potential customers

With hyper-personalized communication, which Programmatic Printing can provide, not only the address but also the complete content of the mailing is individualized, these dream values can be increased even further. Print communication can be creatively individualized almost without limits. Everything can be used for personalization: Gender, region, customer group, age group, season, buying behavior, birthday, job area, etc. Programmatic print mailings deliver the right offers at the right moment. They are also perceived positively by "digitally overloaded" people and are subject to significantly lower restrictions of the GDPR. It is even possible to win back customers via this channel or to have them added to the newsletter distribution list via print mailing with a QR code or to send them a sweepstake, coupon, etc.

This is because, unlike e-mail advertising, the opt-out procedure applies to postal marketing (not the double opt-in procedure as in the online sector!). Unless customers explicitly object to being sent mailings, you can send them direct mailings by post - preferably hyper-personalized. The same applies to all addressed advertising mailings. These can be brochures, advertising catalogs or flyers. The customer can object to this in writing, but in practice very few people do so.

With print mailing, customers and prospective customers are addressed by mail and made aware of offers, new products or other hopefully interesting topics. Printed coupons, personalized cards and product brochures appeal to our tactile sense. A card or coupon is always looked at and touched regardless of whether there is interest or not. Touching evokes more emotion, which is not the case with a digital newsletter or other email. Print mailings also often stay in the household for a while before ending up in the trash. This gives the brand multiple opportunities to deliver its brand message to even more people in the household generating buying impulses or other desired reactions. 

Programmatic printing is one of the most efficient lead generation strategies in dialogue marketing and has a direct impact on business development. Personal addressing and individual offers create a unique customer experience and thus always improve the interaction with (potential) customers.

How does Programmatic Printing work?

Programmatic printing combines two different worlds: the digital and the analog. The term programmatic refers to the data that is compiled automatically for a digital print (ideally). This personal data then completes the profiles and can thus be used for a highly personalized print production, e.g. brochure, flyer or coupon. An example: Someone has searched for winter shoes, but has not bought them. And the next day he receives a mail card with a special offer for winter shoes, possibly even with a personal discount code. In this way, a classic advertising mail becomes a highly individualized mailing. Such triggers can also include birthdays and other special occasions. Here, one2edit™ takes care of the automated creation of personalized and high-quality print mailings. The solution ensures that brand guidelines are adhered to and that a consistent look and feel is created.

The prepared InDesign-based templates for your print products, flyers, product brochures or coupons are available in one2edit™ and can be individualized with customer-specific data. You simply define the variable components, e.g. images, address, text modules, and have these content elements automatically exchanged and adapted according to the rules you define. Due to the easy integration of one2edit™ into any system environment, the content for filling the marketing templates can flow in from any existing data sources (for example CRM, DAM or PIM). You just define an output channel, such as a print partner or a lettershop, and you are ready to go. one2edit™ relies on the industry-standard Adobe┬« InDesign┬« server for maximum production reliability.

The advantages of one2edit™ lie not only in its automation but also in its ease of use - after a short briefing, your marketing team can get started with the campaign.

Automated creation of personalised print mailings in multiple languages

It is also possible to deliver personalized print mailings automatically in any language. The translation memory integrated in one2edit™ can carry out automatic pre-translations when localizing media. The easy exchange of translation memory data with existing translation systems such as SDL|Trados, MemoQ or Across is also possible. Via the flexibly definable workflows, you can also set up the use of machine translation via Google, Microsoft Services or DeepL or, of course, integrate a translator.

Benefits with one2edit™ for programmatic printing
  • Automated creation of hyper-personalized print mailings and other print materials
  • Customizable workflows and rules without any programming knowledge and skills
  • Protected brand design
  • Easy integration into any infrastructure

Measure and optimize print mailing campaigns

Print mailings have been useful for gaining direct attention off the beaten digital path since before Corona. It's just that many marketers don't see the offline world as measurable. As a kind of block-box into which you push a campaign, but it's hard to read the effect. The following three approaches prove that this is too short-sighted and that the success of hyper-personalized print mailings can indeed be measured:

-> Linking to a landing page

Via Short URL or even better via QR code, print mailings can wonderfully extend into the online world and convert there. You can offer the recipient added value there, for example free access to interesting protected (gated) content or to competitions. In order not to dilute the results, we recommend removing these pages from Google or Bing indexing. After all, only the recipients you are targeting should benefit from the advantages. 

-> Discounts, coupons, free products

The classic way to measure success is direct benefits in the form of coupons, discounts and the like. You can use the discounts to boost your sales and see directly which print mailing worked and how - and derive further measures from this.

-> Telephone contact

In some cases, it also makes sense to offer a telephone number. This is where interested parties can call to arrange a demo or appointment for advice, for example, or to place an order. If you link this number to a voicebot, you can also run campaigns on a large scale without placing an additional burden on your contact center. Of course, you should set up a unique number for this that is only used for calls in the campaign to document success.

one2edit™ for your programmatic printing

Use one2edit™ to create personalized print mailings automatically and achieve higher conversion rates and strong customer loyalty. Get in touch with us to take your marketing to the next level. Our team is looking forward to hearing from your.