ASG SPARK! a case study

35 % shorter project cycles and 66 % smaller teams – with the same level of output: How one2edit™ helped increase efficiency at one of the world’s leading packaging specialists.


The starting point: ASG SPARK! is one of the world’s biggest packaging production agencies and is a supplier for leading consumer brands in the electronics, home entertainment and gaming markets. It has creative service teams across eight locations in the USA, the UK, France, China and Australia – and 19 production sites around the world.

Seasonal differences are one of its major business challenges: The company makes up to 300 % more revenue at some times of year than at others, which leads to massive spikes in production levels. Many brands are making the timeframes for their new product launches smaller and smaller, while also launching multiple products at the same time or using step-by-step rollout approaches that make it more difficult to set up efficient project processes. To stay ahead of its competitors, ASG SPARK! has to meet its customers’ deadlines – and demonstrate continuous improvement of its processes.

The task: To increase efficiency and reduce the impact that seasonal demand has on localization processes by optimizing and rationalizing workflows.

The challenge: Reducing the number of touchpoints to meet quality standards and create a single source of truth that eliminates mistakes and accelerates processes.

Most entertainment and gaming customers want faster speed to market. Yet their upstream product materials come to us later and later, squeezing everyone in the middle to get much more efficient.


The solution: one2edit™ optimizes processes and offers integration options that help make project cycles even shorter. This enabled ASG SPARK! to offer one of its customers two workflow options: A generic, basic option and a more creative option that opens up opportunities to experiment.

The implementation: one2edit™ offers a master/child document management approach that creates a single source of truth. Misunderstandings or delays because of multiple versions of the same document become a thing of the past. The precise lockdown function and role-based authorization approach gives you complete control over what kind of changes each of your users is able to make. The integrated InDesign server enables users to work on InDesign documents direct in their browser, taking advantage of high-performance functions – including real-time previews (WYSIWYG).

It also gives you the option to view the latest project status at all times and to access a comprehensive overview of the projects related to a specific customer or account. A detailed task management function allows you to allocate work to the most cost-effective or best-qualified user. ASG SPARK! uses the RESTful server and JavaScript Client API (programming interface) to make sure one2edit™ Enterprise Edition is integrated into the target company’s own processes and IT infrastructure seamlessly.


The success:

  • 35 % shorter project cycles
  • 66 % smaller teams with the same level of output
  • 35 % less communication and hand-overs within projects  
  • 40 % fewer manual touchpoints, less interaction between teams and customers  
  • One single source of truth: a master file and related elements
  • New sources of income – including the largest contract in the company’s history so far – as a direct result of process optimization through one2edit™