Dialogue Marketing & print mailings


Dialogue marketing is an efficient strategy for winning, retaining, developing and reactivating customers: It builds an interactive relationship with the customer through personalized content. Creating and distributing this content e.x. personalized print mailings can present challenges related to logistics and production. Digital infrastructure like one2edit™ gives you the power to make sure you’re using the communications channels and instruments that best fit your brand, while also generating more leads and responses – and ensuring a consistent brand identity.


Dialogue marketing is one of the most efficient strategies for lead generation and qualification – and has an instant impact on business development. Whether you’re aiming to gather more comments and likes on Facebook or more calls to your service center after customers read your mail: Personalized content and offers improve your interaction with (potential) customers.

However, dialogue marketing methods like email marketing, campaign management or mobile and social CRM are frequently implemented in ways that are less efficient and targeted that they would be if they were supported by customized and intelligent digital infrastructure. Brand consistency also presents some challenges: The difference between opening your email or placing it in the trash can be just a few seconds. First impressions are everything.


one2edit™ is easy to integrate into your marketing infrastructure. It gives you the power to personalize and individualize content automatically. Our web-based technology streamlines the entire process, cuts out several correction cycles and improves collaboration.

Content including segments, paragraphs, images or entire layout elements (snippets) can be adapted and switched with minimal effort. This means you can address your target group however you want – without running the risk of weakening your brand.

one2edit™ also ensures all adaptations are in line with your design guidelines by including master versions in your processes. It uses the industry standard Adobe® InDesign® server to give you the highest levels of production reliability and unlimited compatibility with your templates.

Consistent branding and flexible communication are the keys to engaging your customers and building strong connections with them. one2edit™ makes this easier than ever.


Files within the BRANDGUARDIAN® CoFS aren’t constantly copied from A to B and back again – unlike the synchronization processes from well-known cloud providers. CoFS offers a real-time approach that all users can access just like a shared hard-drive on a common network. This means everybody can immediately see when a file is changed or a new file is added. This is a stark contrast to conventional systems that require users to wait for synchronization to be completed.  

All saved files can be protected using AES 256-bit encryption that provides the maximum level of security when your files are transported from one saved location to another. Files are automatically encrypted if you choose to store them in cloud storage solutions like Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure.

CoFS makes transferring files easier and simpler than ever. It can be integrated into file systems from Windows and macOS seamlessly so your employees and partners can carry on working in the same way they always have – but better.

one2edit™ offers an integrated translation memory that can support the localization of media by performing pre-translations automatically. It’s also possible to create a smooth connection between the translation memory and existing translation systems like SDL|Trados, MemoQ or Across. You have the freedom to define workflows that include using machine translation through Google or Microsoft Services – and you can also involve human translators in the process.

The possibilities for creating efficient and smooth processes for localization using one2edit™ are almost unlimited. You can set your own rules for segmentation or use preconfigured standards for common systems.And you can decide whether the integrated spelling and grammar correction system uses an existing dictionary or works with your own dictionary. 

The WYSIWYG preview gives you the right context for translations while also showing whether the translated text fits into the layout. If space gets tight, one2edit™ offers you alternatives that can help save room – from font sizes through to character and line spacing, and many others.

With one2edit™, you can start the localization process before the document design has been finalized. Design developments and changes to the master document can be integrated into all language versions simply and easily. The dynamic connection between the master layout and the versions for different countries or languages makes it possible to save a significant amount of time compared to conventional approaches.

The one2edit™ brand design framework can be set up with just a few clicks. You can generate templates that reflect your choices about which formatting options to make available for your users. Each user can then choose from your library of templates based on their access rights. It’s also easy to create self-service functions for actions like setting the font size or character spacing – using slider controls that are configured in line with your preferences for the minimum and maximum values.

You can also make additional design options available for any users who need them. one2edit™ features all of the InDesign formatting options for text and images. You decide what makes sense and what’s allowed. You can set company-wide standards and define any exceptions with fully-individualized design rules whenever necessary.

Once you’ve saved your brand design rules, you can reuse them and assign them to projects easily using the drag and drop function. Any changes to saved rules will automatically be applied to any templates that use this rule. Design rules can be applied to an entire document or to individual elements of a document. This granular management of rules opens up the maximum amount of flexibility and ensures compliance with your corporate design guidelines – with a minimum amount of effort.

one2edit™ follows a consistent, best-of-breed approach that gives you the power to connect one2edit™ with as many other systems as necessary. Choose the best solution, continue using your existing systems and achieve end-to-end processes along the entire content management value chain – from supply through to distribution.  

one2edit™ offers a comprehensive and powerful RESTful server API (programming interface) as well as a JavaScript Client API for interactions with programs on workplace computers or special adaptations of the one2edit™ user interface. 

Alongside these two programming interfaces, you can also access a variety of standard interfaces for a seamless and deep integration with leading systems. 

Using our File Client creates a seamless and user-friendly connection with the desktop workspaces of creative teams. This enables them to open, edit and save InDesign files with a simple double-click, just like they can on a local hard drive – without any need for uploading or downloading.

Standard Single-Sign-On (SSO) processes are available to support the integration ofportal solutions like brand management portals, marketing platforms or intranet channels. Simply connect your company directory via LDAP. one2edit™ takes on your groups, roles and user rights – and then allocates the specific attributes of one2edit™ that are necessary for efficient collaboration, even in complex organizational structures.

The integrated one2edit™ workflow engine can be used to create editing, feedback and approval processes quickly and simply using the drag and drop function. There’s no limit to the number of process steps or participants involved. You can set up automatic notifications to be sent when a process step is completed, activate interactions with other systems via web-services and follow the progress in the project overview. 

User rights can be based on roles and job assignments – and can be adapted for each individual project. External and internal users worldwide are able to work together through their browser. Each user has a personalized list of tasks, while the project manager can follow all activities in the project overview. This makes localization and adaptation of communications materials an efficient and transparent process.

There’s no need to create complicated workflows or business process notations, and no need for programming skills or training activities. Our workflow engine is built to meet real-world needs and makes it possible to create processes quickly – and adapt them just as fast if necessary. Workflows enable you to automate processes by offering a wide range of export functions and possibilities to communicate with other systems. You can also save workflows and reuse them as templates. This gives you the power to standardize your processes using the one2edit™ workflow engine without having to give up your agility.

Any pre-defined texts, images or layout elements that have already been approved can be put into one2edit™ documents as snippets. You can create entire libraries of formatted content for your users to draw on when personalizing documents. In this way, you make it possible to generate a better variety of communications materials – which increases its impact – without worrying about your brand design.

Of course, you can also use these functions to automate the personalization of communications materials via the one2edit™ programming interface (API). A Marketing Automation System (MAS) can then steer one2edit within various parameters depending on existing data. By defining rules within one2edit, you can make it possible to create highly personalized documents through a fully automated process – and make your content significantly more appealing for your target groups.



Dialog marketing as effective lead generation strategy

Dialog marketing is still an effective method today and stands for marketing activities with the aim of encouraging prospects and customers to make measurable responses: e.g. join an interest group, follow a brand on social channels, subscribe to newsletters, up to and including buy services or goods. Addressing potential customers (addressees) in a way that is tailored to them is an essential part of dialog marketing. The more personal and appropriate the address, the higher the probability of initiating a dialog or triggering another desired response. Skillfully implemented, dialog marketing leads to a high response rate and successful lead generation. Dialog marketing has numerous online and offline channels and instruments at its disposal:

  • Social media channels
  • Search engine advertising
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Telephone marketing
  • Print mailings
  • Customer cards, product samples, various coupons
  • etc.

These are often used separately in dialog marketing. Digital channels are considered to be financially more advantageous. They are modern alternatives to the classic print channels. For very large target groups, they allow a much more cost-effective approach than physical media. Nevertheless, more and more companies are turning to the classic marketing tool - print mailing - and use programmatic printing to create highly personalized print mailings. The reason for this is the flood of information on the Internet. Every day, thousands of emails land in our inboxes, which we simply sort away without noticing their message. This applies not only to unwanted spam, but also increasingly to subscribed information. With physical print mailings, the addressee must at least glance at the message when disposing of it. This brief moment of attention can be enough to convey the brand or marketing message or to arouse his curiosity. 

How about combining modern online tools with the classic print channel of dialog marketing to get the best of both approaches? 

How to measure the print mailing campaigns read in our blog article "Programmatic Printing".

Personalized print mailings in dialog marketing: combining online and offline channels

With personalized print mailings, customers and interested parties are addressed by post and made aware of offers, new products or other hopefully interesting topics. Personalized printed coupons, gift cards or flyers appeal to our sense of touch. A card or coupon is always looked at and touched regardless of whether there is an interest or not. Touching evokes more emotion, which is not the case with a digital newsletter. Print mailings also often stay in the household for a while before they end up in the trash. This gives the brand multiple opportunities to convey its brand message to (also to additional people in the household) and generate buying impulses or other desired reactions. 

Nowadays, there is an opportunity to combine the strengths of digital and physical marketing tools and also to implement the dialog marketing campaign in an automated way. The digitally collected customer data can be used to personalize the print mailings. For example, in a first mailing, all addressees can first be addressed with an e-mail. In a second stage, a physical mailing is then sent to a selected subset of the addressees. This could be, for example, customers in a certain age group or with a certain purchase turnover. Just imagine: someone has been looking for winter shoes, but has not bought them. And the next day he receives a card in the mail with a special offer for winter shoes, or even a personal discount code. In this way, a classic advertising mail becomes a highly individualized mailing. This personalized advertising medium usually generates much more response from the recipient than an e-mail. With one2edit™, this entire personalization process can be fully automated. Connect existing marketing automation solutions with one2edit™ to generate a personalized multi-channel experience for their customers.  

Create personalized print mailings automatically with one2edit™ Dialog Marketing

one2edit™ enables highly personalized print mailings to be generated automatically. The InDesign-based templates for postcards or product brochures are provided in one2edit™ and can be personalized with customer-specific data according to arbitrary if-then combinations. Content such as texts and images are automatically exchanged and adapted according to the rules you define. The simple integration of one2edit™ into any system landscape means that the customer data for filling the marketing templates can flow in from existing data sources. The advantages of one2edit™ lie not only in its automation but also in its ease of use - after a short briefing, your marketing team can start with their cross-channel dialog marketing campaigns.

Advantages with one2edit™ in dialog marketing:

  • Automated creation of highly personalized print mailings.
  • Customizable workflows and adjustable adoption rules without programming knowledge
  • Protected brand design
  • Easy integration into any infrastructure

one2edit™ for your dialog marketing

Use one2edit™ to create personalized print mailings automatically and achieve higher conversion rates and strong customer loyalty. Get in touch now to take your dialogue marketing to the next level. Our competent team is looking forward.