Brandguardian. Our Mission


For 20 years now, we have been constantly developing new and innovative software solutions for consistent and efficient brand and marketing communication. In fact, these days, our products are used not only for the adaption and localization of print media, but in many cases are also essential components of the digital workflow.

Our solutions, products, and modules enable highly-personalized and automated brand communication. Our software, therefore, not only ensures greater efficiency, but also protects your brand identity.

On 1st August 2019, we gave ourselves a new brand identitiy: BRANDGUARDIAN®. This new brand emphasizes our vision, expertise, and passion for solutions based on cutting-edge technology that help you to achieve even greater efficiency and consistency in your day-to-day branding work. Our products are designed to simplify and extend integrations with your existing systems, providing flexible scalability, optimal performance, and maximum security.