one2edit DeepL integration

BRANDGUARDIAN extends one2edit™ with DeepL integration

Kempten, 17.10.2019 - BRANDGUARDIAN, an established software and technology provider for digital publishing and media management solutions, is expanding its integration support of AI translation systems in version 3.13.3 of one2edit™. It now includes an interface to leading AI-based translation solution, DeepL.

one2edit™ customers do not need to license the DeepL API and can add a DeepL pre-translation action into their workflow to automatically translate their InDesign documents into any supported language. High-linguistic-quality translated texts then flow directly into the desired documents and templates, virtually in real time. In-context review and approval of the text can then take place as normal.

BRANDGUARDIAN's flagship product, one2edit™, facilitates decentralized and international cooperation in the brand and media sector at over 250 large companies. Thanks to its flexible workflows one2edit™ enables faster and more cost-effective delivery of marketing materials and technical documents e.x. technical data sheets in the desired output format. Companies such as Henkel, Siemens, Liebherr and Voith are already using one2edit to cut costs by up to 60 percent, and to accelerate processes by 50 percent. The integrated use of one2edit and DeepL makes localization even more efficient, simple, and scalable. DeepL can process large amounts of text, delivering high-quality, correctly formatted translations to the right places in just a few seconds.

"Localization is an area where artificial intelligence already offers many practical benefits. Many of our customers successfully use AI translations from Google and Microsoft together with one2edit", says Markus Kuhnert, founder and Managing Director of BRANDGUARDIAN. "In combination with one2edit, companies can create and deliver all design-conformant communication materials in any language from a browser interface. one2edit controls the InDesign server remotely and transfers the translations provided by DeepL, or other solutions, directly into the InDesign documents. Localization in marketing could not be simpler, faster or more scalable on a professional level."