Adobe AEM Integration

The seamless integration of Adobe® Experience Manager with one2edit™ is a strong solution for brand management, packaging, and corporate communication.

We developed our one2edit connector for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to help customers meet the highest demands in marketing communication, brand management, and packaging, while also offering an even more comfortable and efficient way of working. Both Microsoft and Siemens currently use this connector to facilitate and speed up processes in their production infrastructure.

The close integration of one2edit and AEM forms a holistic, global-collaboration platform for creating, adapting, sharing, and centrally storing all kinds of communication materials, enabling users in both AEM and one2edit to quickly and easily access the same assets. All current marketing materials, as well as reworked and translated content, are immediately available for further use on the platform, ensuring a close collaboration between AEM users, simplifying content distribution, and speeding up production. 

Furthermore, the platform is also the central point of contact for users who need to quickly adapt and localize communication-material templates via a web browser. Combining one2edit with AEM ensures that document edits will adhere to the brand's design rules. Efficient and well-controlled self-service usage comes courtesy of the granular, yet easy-to-configure, design framework in one2edit.

 In addition, AEM users no longer require InDesign and font installations on their local workstations. Thanks to one2edit, these users can now easily work with native InDesign documents via their standard web browser. This means that conversion-related losses and incompatibilities are a thing of the past, and your high-quality marketing materials will be immediately ready for print or download.


  • All relevant documents and media are easy to find on one platform
  • Automatic version management and gapless change history
  • WYSIWYG review and editing of InDesign documents in the web browser
  • Easily create and update workflows via drag&drop
  • Automate most processess
  • Secure work environment with different rights and roles
  • Self-service, rules-based, brand-conforming changes to communication materials

All media and InDesign® documents are stored centrally in AEM, meaning that all users can easily find them.

Users can customize InDesign templates directly in one2edit™ without leaving AEM. The  customized brochure is then automatically saved as a version in AEM.

With this solution, Siemens not only masters the challenges posed by the market, but also achieves a significantly higher level of efficiency. more