Strategic alliance with DAM United

BRANDGUARDIAN wins DAM United as strategic service partner

Kempten,Germany, 02.09.2019- BRANDGUARDIAN®, an established software and technology provider for digital publishing and media-management solutions, has won DAM United AG, a highly experienced DAM service provider, as its preferred partner for the distribution, expansion and customization of its Media Collaboration Technology (MCT) in the DAM sector. 

DAM United AG is an established service provider for multimedia solutions in the enterprise sector. The team consists of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Web2Print experts, who have helped to build, and have developed add-ons for DAM solutions. DAM United is completely vendor independent.

The Media Collaboration Technology is a collection of microservices for media production developed by BRANDGUARDIAN over many years and now available. Among other things, it offers a virtual real-time file system solution for multi-cloud environments. This enables asset-based collaboration among geographically-distributed teams – similar to Google Drive, but at a higher level. 

Changes to assets are immediately visible to all collaborators, including multiple agencies, freelancers, local marketing departments, and more. Being vendor-agnostic, MCT can integrate any DAM systems and other cloud-based file services into the file system. This guarantees 100% identical file states in the media-production workflow worldwide, as well as significant simplification and acceleration of collaboration, without process interruptions. In addition, downstream processes, such as rendering or translations, can be better automated. 

BRANDGUARDIAN developed the innovative, agile and scalable MCT while expanding their publishing system one2edit™, which has been established for 20 years. The MCT "pop-up infrastructure" adapts to the customer's requirements like a liquid technology layer and can be scaled as required. MCT is already used by Microsoft for cooperation between production sites on four continents, sharing dozens of terabytes of data in real time.

"We are pleased to have found in DAM UNITED probably the best service partner for our Media Collaboration Technology in the DAM arena” explains Markus Kuhnert, founder and Managing Director of BRANDGUARDIAN. ”We are united by our enthusiasm for particularly advanced technologies that will not only work perfectly for the customer over  the next 12 months, but also for the next 12 years. I have known the DAM UNITED board of directors for a long time and appreciate their technical competence, honest and transparent cooperation, and vendor independence. MCT has what it takes to become a complementary standard solution for all complex DAM applications from any manufacturer - and DAM United is the perfect interface between us, as technology suppliers, and customers or DAM manufacturers,

"We very much appreciate the quality and functionality of one2edit” says Andreas Fink, CEO of DAM United AG. “It can reliably do what many other manufacturers claim to be able to do but cannot. We have also been following the development of Media Collaboration Technology for many months and are simply thrilled by the possibilities in global collaboration and process automation. At Microsoft, MCT has already demonstrated impressively on a daily basis how liquid, high-performance, secure and scalable collaboration can be on a global level. It is probably one of the most demanding and complex media production projects - and MCT runs smoothly, securely and de-centrally as a collaboration infrastructure. Exactly the opposite of the current monolithic systems. We are looking forward to many interesting projects using this technology of the next-but-one generation."

About DAM United AG 

DAM United AG is one of the leading international service providers for multimedia solutions in the enterprise sector - closely networked with all leading manufacturers, but 100% independent. The consultants and developers offer many years of project experience with the relevant DAM/MAM/Web2Print solutions and offer full service for all project sizes. This includes strategy workshops and neutral advice on system selection as well as implementation, customization, training, support and hosting. References include Bertelsmann Stiftung, Block House Group, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Gimborn, Kerbl, Senatsverwaltungen Berlin, Xella Deutschland and many more. Further information: