New Partnership: Publicis Pixelpark

Publicis Pixelpark and BRANDGUARDIAN seal Partnership

Kempten, 30.10.2019 – Publicis Pixelpark, one of Germany's most experienced digital agencies with around 700 employees, is a new strategic partner of BRANDGUARDIAN, an established software and technology provider for digital publishing and media management solutions. Publicis Pixelpark will use BRANDGUARDIAN's solutions to enable customers to collaborate quickly and more efficiently on campaign creation and omnichannel implementation. The agency's goal is to make its clients' marketing and sales communications even more successful. 

"Successful omnichannel campaigns require the best possible coordination and effective collaboration, both internally and with various external partners. In particular, complex, international organizations need an adaptable, easy-to-use digital-collaboration platform to synchronize work on assets and campaigns across countries and organizations," explains Jens-Christian Jensen, Managing Director of Publicis Pixelpark in Berlin. "BRANDGUARDIAN's solutions and technologies are perfectly suited to bring collaboration between distributed teams to the next level. We can provide our customers with any campaign elements worldwide for print and digital in a consistent and transparent way, so users can edit them themselves for use in campaigns. Users' C.I. knowledge is no longer necessary, nor are expensive and learning-intensive tools, since everything takes place in the browser. Changes to assets are immediately visible worldwide, using the BRANDGUARDIAN virtual real-time file system. It is similar to Google Drive, but on a significantly higher level. We and our customers gain agility and reduce process breaks, error sources and time-to-market".  

"We are very happy about Publicis Pixelpark as a new partner. The agency has the right clients to take full advantage of our publishing and media management solutions: Large corporations and international brands with complex marketing organizations, many specialists involved, and a large, constantly growing pool of digital assets. With our highly innovative services infrastructure, and deep integration with solutions such as InDesign, we enable them to make a quantum leap in their collaborative campaign production and management," says Markus Kuhnert, founder and CEO of BRANDGUARDIAN.

About Publicis Pixelpark

Publicis Pixelpark employs around 700 communications experts at six locations throughout Germany. Together with our customers, we create new ideas and technologies. This creates the best solutions for brands, communication and e-business. Lead the Change is our mission - we move forward, always hungry for the next step.