In-house agencies

BRANDGUARDIAN makes in-house agencies more efficient

In-house agencies at major advertisers have been booming in recent years, according to one study, and the Corona pandemic continues to fuel this development. BRANDGUARDIAN helps in-house agencies to increase their key targets such as cost and work efficiency by up to 60 percent and to cover other task areas internally.

Kempten, 19.01.2021 - More and more well-known brands and large companies are saving external agency costs with powerful in-house agencies. According to a study by the World Federation of Advertising, 57 percent of the large advertisers surveyed already had an in-house agency in place in 2020, and 17 percent were evaluating setting one up. In the past five years, three out of four in-house agencies were newly established - on due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, in-house marketing is being assigned more and more responsibility and tasks: 82 percent say their workload has increased in the past year. Successfully, the in-house shift is leading to cost efficiencies (more than 30% in some cases), better integration (64%) and improved brand and business knowledge (59%). Forty-five percent also reported that in-house teams demonstrated faster and more agile processes.

But there are also clear weaknesses: Almost all (94%) companies surveyed that have an in-house agency have in-house creative capabilities for digital content. BUT: There is a clear need to catch up in the area of printed or PDF brand and product communication and also in the management of workflows. This is exactly where one2edit from BRANDGUARDIAN comes in. The established solution supports in-house agencies in optimizing or automating processes around the design and distribution of all printed or PDF materials in key business areas:

Marketing/sales, e.g. in the form of advertising, ads, brochures, case studies, white papers, POS communications, product packaging, instructions, technical documentation, or proposal templates.

Corporate communications/IR, e.g. in the form of employee media, internal reports, financial reporting, CSR reports or signage.

But also in HR (e.g. job ads), service (e.g. documentation), and executive/management.

With the intuitively usable interface of one2edit, every authorized person in the in-house agency, in the company or at service providers (translators, freelancers, agencies) can adapt content in professionally designed communication materials along smart workflows and produce it in the right formats. Companies thus increase their level of automation and can save additional budgets.

Around 250 corporations and medium-sized companies use the solutions made in Allgäu, for example Henkel, Liebherr, Linde, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Siemens, Sto and Voith. By automating layout-intensive content (digital & print), they reduce costs by up to 50 percent and accelerate marketing processes by up to 60 percent - measurable in daily operations!


"In-house agencies are taking on more and more tasks. With the right marketing software, they can significantly save budgets that were previously drawn from agency partners. With one2edit, they can implement all tasks related to the adaptation and rollout of layout-intensive content ( LiC ) - i.e. product packaging, instructions, technical documentation, advertisements, brochures, POS communication, etc. - independently, significantly faster, more cost-effectively and guaranteed to be in line with the brand. You can no longer improve time-to-market with more manpower. Only with smarter processes and automated content handovers," says Markus Kuhnert, founder and CEO of BRANDGUARDIAN.


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