GAIA-X 2020

GAIA-X: a secure digital infrastructure for Europe

With ongoing digitization, data is becoming one of the most important resources for economic growth, competitiveness and innovation. However, the largest cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba do not come from Europe, which means that not only Germany but the whole of Europe is becoming completely digitally dependent.

To get out of this dependency and maintain sovereignty over data and infrastructure, the GAIA-X project, the digital ecosystem for Europe, was launched last year. 

Last week, during the European Digital Week (EDW) 2020, renowned experts from politics, business and science discussed how quickly we can build a secure digital infrastructure and what technological challenges we all face.

BRANGDUARDIAN, as a provider of innovative software solutions for media production and brand management, also took part in the discussion. Markus Kuhnert, Managing Director, explained that the technology developed by BRANGDUARDIAN a few years ago is based on exactly these principles: A secure decentralized infrastructure that manages all services and ensures optimal performance and data security. 

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