DIY Christmas Calendar / BRANDGUARDIAN

Your DIY Christmas Calendar

Create your own highly personalized Christmas calendar in just four steps, either in an elegant black and white look, or completely customized. As intuitive as our solution, without unnecessary registration forms, special know-how, or expensive tools! Just choose one of three box sizes. Each of them fits perfectly on the A4 format. Select from 12 present patterns or upload your own pattern or photo. With the help of just scissors, ruler, paper and a little time, you can create a wonderful calendar for yourself and your loved ones.

Here is our standard Christmas calendar as a pdf, with brief instructions and some ideas for filling the calendar. 

Please create the boxes one at a time, downloading the PDF each time. So, for box number 1, choose all of the options, and click the 'Save PDF' button at the bottom. Then set up box number 2 and click the 'Save PDF' button again. Continue this, until you have created (and saved) all of your box PDFs. 

Please be patient while the preview loads, as it may take a minute.